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Hanging Around in Orlando

Its Thursday already of the first week of vacation.  So weird to be saying that.  It has gone fast, like every other week nowadays.  Time just seems to fly by doesn’t it??!!!

Most of the kids are still sleeping, lots of late nights and busy days.  Isn’t that what vacation is for???!!  Yesterday we moved from the beauty and lavish resort, Gaylord Palms to a more comfortable Vacation Village.  Its nice and comfortable here.  But we did have to ask for soaps for the bathroom and kitchen.  We were able to buy groceries and do some laundry, which helps immensely!!

Yesterday I took the kids to a buffet called, “Sweet Tomatoes”..   I told them they have a buffet with lots of salad stuff and you would like it.  The boys reaction?  “What do they have for MEAT??”  This from the boys who have cleared every buffet line we had previously eaten at of all the meat they had!!  So they made do without any meat, and still enjoyed the salads.  They got ice cream for dessert, which made it better!

Then we went and did some shopping at the outlet mall.  The place we found some souvenirs.  We will not be buying any souvenirs on Disney grounds if we can help it.  They are just too expensive and you can find TONS of fun stuff all around town for MUCH less!! (I have an idea that I spelled souvenirs wrong, but I am not sure because spell check corrected it this way and that doesn’t look right either!!)  There is a Disney Character Outlet store where you can find lots of Disney merchandise for less.  I found my daughter, who does the Disney runs, some merchandise from her last run for just a few dollars.  Much less than she would have paid had she bought it when she did her last run here.  She is so excited!!

Last night, we made our way to the airport.  Another son flew down to meet us here for the rest of our vacation.  He was so excited to put on shorts!!  It was still a balmy 38 at home and cold and rainy and just plain icky.  I am so glad I am here right now!  Its cloudy and supposed to storm today, but it is 69 right now and only supposed to get up to 76 today!! Perfect!!!!!

Then we went over to a place called “Old Town”.  Just a nice place of shops and food and car cruise nights!  We were late for the cruise but wandered through anyways.  Its much slower and quieter than Downtown Disney, which we did not get into last night because of picking up my son.  It was ok with me because they were parking people across the street because it was so busy!!  Lots of people here for spring break right now.

Which reminds me, I have to keep in mind that this is Easter weekend!!  I read stuff from friends about it being Easter and I kind of have to stop and think, why are they posting that??!  Oh yea!!  Resurrection Sunday is coming!!  Jesus has risen!  Praise God!!

Overall, things have gone very smoothly and its been a really nice vacation!  Though, the car talk has got to stop!!  I am so tired of CARS!!!!!!  I don’t care that everyone else is driving a cool car or it is a ricer, or a mustang or whatever!!!  JUST STOP!!!!!!!

Blessings on your day and have a Happy Easter!!


PS:  My pictures will not load on this terrible internet server…  Sorry, will have to wait to get pictures another day!




2 thoughts on “Hanging Around in Orlando

    1. After the winter we have had in Wisconsin, it truly has been heavenly!! And even better, the temps were only at the most low 80’s!!! My kind of weather!!!!
      Buffets or family style are the only way to go for this crew!!


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