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Lessons From My Kids…

I had an interesting talk with the 8yr old yesterday. She was dead set on getting a Disney princess dress from Disney. She was convinced that I had told her she could get one. I don’t remember ever saying that as I know they are outrageously expensive on grounds. I explained to her that I didn’t think that I had said that and that it would not be a possibility. She took it very well as she is apt to. (That is just the way she is. ) We talked a bit about this and I talked about being spoiled. She said she was not spoiled as a spoiled kid gets everything she wants and she doesn’t. She understood very matter of fact way that she was not to get everything she wanted just because she wanted.

I stopped talking and pondered that for just a bit, and then we both got distracted by Downtown Disney. (It was one of the fun spots we wanted to stop at. )

The Princess in her Princess dress that she brought from home.  She wore it all day that day in the park!!
The Princess in her Princess dress that she brought from home. She wore it all day that day in the park!!

At first I was a bit taken aback thinking that maybe I was ruining her and making her think that she couldn’t ever have what she wanted.  That maybe just maybe I was damaging her for life!

But then, it occurred to me that she was not ruined for life, rather she was understanding a concept that some people never truly understand.  Its the concept that just because I want something doesn’t mean I get it right now.  Delayed Gratification.

I realized that she is picking up what I am trying to teach her. She is getting it. Its not an easy thing to learn I guess but I am glad she understands actually. I want her to know that just because she wants does not mean she will get. Learning delayed gratification is not a bad thing. But it also made me ponder that fact.

I don’t want my  kids to miss this important lesson. Work = money= needs/wants met.

The kids posing with a Lego character at LEGOLAND.
The kids posing with a Lego character at LEGOLAND.

We do have the kids work for what they want. Their needs are met, though some keep pushing for more and better. They all worked to earn money for their souvenirs. All found some things they liked and were very careful to keep within budget! I loved that! It was a bit hard sometimes,  especially when what they wanted exceeded their budget, but I want them to learn an important lesson that they will need their whole lives!

Understanding the concepts of money, working towards a goal, saving and keeping within our allotted budget are crucial concepts our kids need to learn at an early age!!  These are life skills!   Kids can indeed learn these things from the time they are old enough to do simple chores.

Dave Ramsey teaches that kids can do age- appropriate chores and be paid a commission for doing some of them.  Not all chores are to be paid, and this I agree with Dave whole-heartedly. Some chores we do just because we are part of a family.   At our house, most chores are unpaid.  I am terrible at paying for chores consistently!!  It kind of loses its appeal when Mom keeps forgetting to pay them!!

So they most of the time work for Dad.  Dad is used to paying people so he is really good at that part and they enjoy working at the shop.

Sometimes, and this is actually rare outside of rummage sales, we do surprise them with extras.

On our trip,we did buy little souvenirs for them.  We are a bit soft sometimes!!  They were doing so good at purchasing what they wanted with their own money and not begging for all sorts of things, that we wanted to treat them.  We stuck with our plan of not purchasing much onsite and went over to Target to purchase some souvenirs- its much cheaper!!

We also stopped at the Disney Outlet store in the mall where we found some cool souvenirs too.  Again, some things were less than half the regular price onsite!!  We did splurge on a few things that we just didn’t find anywhere else, but t-shirts and pins mugs and such, are just better bought off site!

Having my kids repeat back the lessons to me that I am trying to get them to understand is such a huge blessing to me!!  It makes me realize that they are getting it!!  Sometimes, as a parent, I wonder whether or not they are even close to understanding such things!  To have them repeat it back or teach someone else just makes me proud!

As a parent, what lessons are you hoping your kids are getting?  What have you seen in your kids that make you think that maybe just maybe they are indeed getting it??





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