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Chasing Dreams!!

On this trip I learned some new things. I learned that Walt Disney had a dream and followed it. He chased after it really. He is known as a pioneer and innovator. I read in his bio that he is considered to have the greatest imagination the world has ever known. He produced Snow White and 7 dwarfs in 1937 using technology he himself created.

Because of Walt’s dream for a clean park that people could come to and be happy, we have Disney World. Disneyland Park was opened in 1955. Later, 43 acres was purchased in the center of Florida and Disney World was opened in 1971.   Walt also wanted a place that would showcase ideas for improving life for people- Epcot was born and opened in 1982. I did not know this but Epcot stands for; Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Walt passed away in 1966 but his legend lives on. His dreams were world changing. He created so much and invented things that change the way we look at tv and movies. He followed his dreams but did not seem to get lost in them. According to his bio, he was at his daughters events and was also home for dinner at night. He chose to not get caught up in the who’s who of Hollywood, of which he was a fixture, but rather chose to be a part of his family. And follow his dreams. I would say he was quite successful at both!!

Then today I learned about this man: Bill France, Sr. He built Daytona speedway in 1959. He gathered race promoters, officials and drivers and after a series of discussions NASCAR was formed in 1948. He had a dream and built it. He got the land and made the plan and today Daytona is one of the most famous racetracks in the world and hosts the famous Daytona 500 race!!

They, and so many others, had dreams and followed them.. Seems to be a theme for me right now. I started reading a book at the beginning of this trip, I haven’t gotten far into it as of yet but the rest of the trip should be much quieter now so hopefully I can get some reading done!! The book is by Jon Acuff and called “Start”. It’s about following your dreams and going from average to awesome! Honestly, I didn’t put any of this together until I heard over and over again at Disney and then at Daytona today about how these guys followed their dream.

Oh, and then to top it off; we were shopping in a cutesy shop in Knoxville and this sign caught and held my attention.  Its a quote from a man named Joseph Campbell.  He is actually famous for this saying!

found this sign in a cutesy shop in Knoxville.  I couldn't stop thinking about it!!
found this sign in a cutesy shop in Knoxville. I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!

I think God’s trying to tell me something..

This trip has really been a dream come true.   We will have been gone for 2 weeks by the time we are done. We have NEVER done anything on this scale before. It’s been amazing really! The kids keep saying thanks Mom and Dad! I think that really, we are all a bit amazed by this.

We are following this road God has us on and trying to do our best with what He has given us for right now. Tomorrow, I know, it could all be gone and I want to be a good steward with what we have been given for right now. So I know we have to save something up for tomorrow and also enjoy today.

I also don’t want to miss what God is doing with us right here and right now.

It’s an interesting place to be!

We are chasing dreams and following them where ever they are taking us!! Its been immensely fun to be honest. I don’t think they will be as big and world changing as Walt Disney’s or Bill France’s, but I won’t eliminate the possibility.

It wasn’t always this way for me.  I could see others trying out their dreams and my husband chasing hard after his own dream.  Sometimes he would forget that there were a few other people around him who needed his attention too, but a little reminder usually worked to bring him back to center.  For me, I was just trying to get through the day!  Any idea of a dream that I might have had was lost in the shuffle.  There just wasn’t time for such thinking.

Then a few years ago, I read this book called, “The Dream Giver.” It was about how God gives us all dreams and its our job to find out what it is and bring that dream to life.  I threw it across the room! I was so mad at God because I couldn’t live my dreams! I felt cheated lost and, well, quite frankly, like I would just have to settle for whatever was left after everyone else got to see their dreams come true. So I yelled at God for a while. (He really does Love me!!)

Someone else encouraged me to try to dream.  She said dream big.  I tried, I really did.  But again, it just didn’t seem like it would be a possibility.  I just got mad and, well, didn’t dream.

I never really thought I would have a property where I could have horses and chickens.  It didn’t seem possible really.  But GOD.

I never really thought about writing- though I love to read and have been journaling for years.  But GOD knew.

Funny… He knew the plan all along. He knew that I would eventually be able to find my dream and do my best to follow it. He knew our path. I didn’t.

I have come to understand that dreams can come true.  I highly recommend reading Jon Acuff’s book, “Start” for more about chasing dreams with wisdom.

Thanks God for guiding me on this path of chasing a dream even though I don’t fully even understand it all yet. I am moving in the direction I believe I need to be going for right now.

Now, for some of you who haven’t dreamed in a long time and don’t feel like you could possibly achieve any sort of dream that you might have,  DO NOT LOSE HEART!!  Start just thinking about what you love.  What are those things that make you feel the most alive?  Is there any way you might be able to START on the path of your dream?  No matter how small??

Think about the movie UP.  Remember the old man??  He and his wife had a dream and life had its own adventure.  They weren’t able to fulfill their dream together but HE was able to do it.  He decided to go for it and tied balloons to his house and flew to South America!

Now- the reality is that we can’t tie balloons to our homes and fly to South America, but we CAN start reading everything we can about what we dream about.  We CAN take a class or two about our dream.  We can do something, anything that would remind us of our dream!  Keep it simple until you and your spouse are ready to go for it!

Make sure your spouse and you are on the same page!!  Trust me on that one!!

Take a job somewhere associated with your dream.  Learn everything you can about your particular dream.  Get educated about your dream.  Don’t give up, rather, understand that sometimes you will have to set it aside for a time.  That is ok too.   If it is truly your dream, you will get back to it eventually!!  If not, there will be another if you just look for it.

Never quit dreaming!  Just a few years ago, that statement would have made me furious!!  Now, I am beginning to understand just a bit, that maybe just maybe, dreams can come true!!

What are your dreams??  Are you living them or have you shelved them for now??  What can you do to keep working towards your dream TODAY?












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