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Just another day in my wild and crazy life!!

I know, I know.. You all just want to read about me and my life..

hahaha…. here it goes:

Well today I was able to finally hang some laundry on the line.  First time this year actually, so I am kind of excited about that!!  I love hanging laundry on the line even though it is a bit more time consuming than just throwing it into the dryer.  The laundry smells soooooo good when I bring it in!!

I sat around reading blogs and posts and trying to figure out what to do with this Liebster award.  I get the answer 11 questions, the 11 facts that sort of thing.  But then I am supposed to provide a link back to her blog????!!  I don’t get that!  Then I am supposed to figure out how to post a badge somehow??!!  Oh– and pick only 11 new blogs that I like for the same award!!

I may just end up sticking with the regular blog.. That is tough enough for me sometimes!!

I soon figured out that I was just getting irritated with the blog thing, so I got up and went to take care of the chickens.  Next thing I knew I was cleaning out the coop.  Good idea, except that in an hour I need to take the Braces Boy to his orthodontist appt.  Whoops…  I will just quickly finish what I can and take a shower and off I go!!  I am half way done with that so hopefully, I can finish the important parts and get the rest tonight after I watch the other Middle School kid at his track meet!!

Some days everything piles up doesn’t it??

At least I did get to drive my tractor today!!

Blessings on your wonderful, Sunny day!!!



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