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Me?? A Writer??

Yea…  I am still not sure about that.  I surprises me that people like and WANT to read my blogs.  Especially those of you that aren’t my family!!  You really don’t HAVE too you know!!  haha!

I love each of you!  You have encouraged me and I appreciate it.   I REALLY do!!

As I was driving this morning, I was thinking about just how in the world I got here.  I mean really…  How did I get to this point of writing a blog?

In middle school and high school, I actually failed grammar. Several times..  I just didn’t get the whole adverb/adjective thing…  Then add the other parts of speech like Direct Object, Prepositions, Prepositional phrases,  and whatever other random odd terms there are!!  I just didn’t get those!  Still don’t.  I do however remember these verbs:  isarewaswerehashavehadbeambeen.  Yes, they always come to mind in one long word, like supercalifragilisticexpealidotious.  Not sure I spelled that right, but who really knows how to spell that??!!!  I learned that list of verbs somewhere in elementary school, but I couldn’t remember what this list was for.

Enter 15 or so years of homeschooling…  I do now know adverbs, but still a little fuzzy to me..  Adjectives describe..  I got that.. Prepositional phrases I could find now if I really needed to.  Some of the other stuff, well,  who needs to know those things anyways!!

I guess I have always loved to read.  One of the things I did and still do, with my kids was to read.  We used literature to learn grammar and language arts. I guess I picked up some things as I taught the kids.  Which is what I was hoping the kids would do really!!

I guess that goes for anything we really are interested in.  We learn as we go.  Think about yourself, what is your common denominator throughout your life?

I couldn’t have named it for myself had I tried.  I had to have someone else help me with that..  But really, think about what have you done your whole life?  Or maybe you didn’t actually do it, but rather are drawn to that particular thing over and over..  Maybe in your job, besides doing your job, you tend to always do one particular thing?  Maybe help someone else learn how to do the job better, maybe clean the break room.  Maybe you love to write, draw, paint?   maybe cooking, baking, preserving foods?

For me, I have always loved animals.  I thought about being a vet tech once..  I also thought about being a race car driver, a truck driver,(now I just drive fast!! hehe..) a dietician- in a serious moment.  Lot’s of things really, I couldn’t remember them all.  A writer crossed my mind once or twice, but never seriously.

Along those lines, we have had dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and even a goat for a time.  I really like to have animals around.  Now, I have a flock of chickens, we have a bunch of rabbits, several horses, a couple dogs and a couple of cats.

Granted, I could earn some money with that, but it would be more than I am ready to do right now.  I still have kids who need me to be a mom.  I am ok with that.  I am not ready to go back to school for a career in those areas currently.  Maybe someday, but not now.  So for now, I play with these things. I read books and practice.

Another thing that I just have done, is write.  I like to read and I have kept a journal for many years as many of you know, who have read my blogs for a time now.  I never ever ever thought that I would be a blogger.  First of all, just a few years ago, that was not an option!   Now that it is, it wasn’t until a friend suggested it that I seriously gave it a thought and then started.  Why did I start suddenly now?  I am not sure really, I guess it was time for me to start something.

So now, what is it that keeps your attention?  Ask a close friend or family member if they have seen something that you are good at, or gifted at..  Now..  What can you do with that??  Seriously.  Think about it and explore your options- what will help you grow in that area?  Are there classes you can take?  books you can read?  people you can get to know?  is there a place you can grow your gift?

Is there something that you used to love to do, but set aside for a season? You know, sometimes life does that to us doesn’t it??  It doesn’t really go away, that love for that talent or gift or ability.  It just waits for us to rediscover it.  I really want to see you rediscover it.  What ever it is, however you can reconnect with your gift today.

Yes– I am still on the “Follow your Bliss/Dreams” kick.  I really want to encourage you to find that “Thing” that makes you feel alive and encouraged.  I want to see you SOAR!!!  NOW GO FOR IT!!!  katiedaisy_1

If you would like, I have added a contact page to my blog.  Please let me know if this has encouraged you in some way.  I would love to hear from you!

Love you guys!  Thank you so much for taking time to read my writing.





2 thoughts on “Me?? A Writer??

  1. Thanks, Vicki! Trying to start up painting…I need to rekindle some more artistic hobbies…They’ve been put on hold or maybe even hindered, for years! Carving the time out with 3-homeschooled littles is the challenge tho…;-)


    1. Yes it is a challenge right now!! I get what your talking about! Do what you can and don’t worry about he rest. They are young for such a short time in the bigger picture! They may even be interested in painting with you! Might be fun to try anyways! Blessings!


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