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A Little Story About a Daisy

I am reposting this story for the bloggingU that I have been doing.  The prompt was to post something in a new form.  I wrote this in March actually but thought I would repost for the assignment.

If you have read this already, feel free to skip it or read it again.  I will still love you!!  hahaha!!!


Once upon a time there was a very pretty flower.  It was a little flower, very much too small for its kind.  It was a white flower with a yellow center.  Its name was “Daisy”. 

All around it was darkness.  There were a few other plants that could grow in this place but they all were used to darkness and were also quite crabby and kept to themselves.  They liked to talk about the little Daisy and make fun of her.

Sometimes the little Daisy could hear them laughing and making fun of her.  It made her sad.  Sometimes a little of one of the plants would get into her space.  She tried to encourage them to stay and play.  But they didn’t like her space.  They said it was too warm or too sunny or too happy.  They moved back to their own cold, dark places and continued to grumble and complain.

Her spot was always so much warmer than the others.  In time she found out why.  Not far above her, stuck on some branches, just high enough to let her grow but not high enough to let her grow as tall as she could, was a piece of glass. It was lodged in the branches of a fallen tree.  Its presence made her spot so much warmer because the sun shone through it.   Unfortunately, it also made her not be able to grow as tall as she could.   In spite of that, the flower loved her spot in the warmth of the sun!

One day a new plant came into her area.  This plant had no flowers, but had 3 leaves that were very shiny.  The leaves were very pretty she thought but she wasn’t sure about the new plant.  This plant seemed really kind and to want the best for this little Daisy.  It grew around her and seemed to like the sun.  But she felt oily and itchy around this plant.  She did enjoy the company though so she put up with it.

As time passed though, she found herself having less and less space.  The new plant seemed to really want her space.  She was worried.  What was she to do here?  She felt uncomfortable around this plant, but had made friends and found the plants name to be Poison Ivy.  Poison Ivy liked to talk loud and make fun of the other plants around.  It liked to do things that made Daisy feel uncomfortable, but she told herself, she liked the company so she put up with it.

Again time passed.  It got hotter and hotter under this piece of glass.  The rain couldn’t get to this place because of the glass and so little by little the Poison Ivy dried up and fell away as it got hotter and hotter under the glass.  The Daisy had a nice long root that could reach the water way under the ground and so she survived this long dry time.  She was sad that the company was gone, but relieved that she didn’t have to worry any longer about what Poison Ivy was doing around her.  She had not liked that much at all.

So she grew.  She came to the top of her space and was almost touching the glass.  It was really warm here and the sun was so bright here.  It felt so good to be so warm.   She basked in the warmth of the light.  It was so comforting and nice here to grow and be so warm.  But she found she really wanted to grow taller.  She felt that she wanted to really stretch out tall.  She found her stem which had been so nice and straight had a bend in it.  That was just unacceptable.  She didn’t like that at all.   But she couldn’t straighten out to get that bend out.  The glass was right above her now.  There was just no room.  Where was she to go??  How could she get this bend out??  What was she to do??

The little Daisy was little no longer.  She was long and taller than the glass above her.  She was uncomfortable bent over like this and really wanted to stretch higher.  Slowly, slowly, she got sadder and sadder until finally, she found she could not smile at all anymore.  The warm sunny spot just didn’t seem quite to good anymore.  She needed to stretch out and she found herself confined in this spot.  There was nothing she could do, she thought.

One day, she noticed as she was now looking down, that there was a shadowy spot.  Not a full shadow but just a bit different than the rest of the spots right around her.  She wondered about that for some time.  Why was it different there?  It was different and it caught her eye and held it.  Why would it be different?  How come it is so sunny and hot there and not right in this spot? It was, well, she could not understand it. but something was just different about this spot.  How could that be?  She had never noticed anything different in the glass above her before.  She had always looked straight up before.  Right to the source of the light that made her feel so good and so warm.  Now she had no choice because of the bend in her stem but to look down.

She looked down and was sad for a long time and watched that spot near her.  Soon she grew again and could curl her flower just a bit to see the sun again.  She noticed something else.  There was a hole.  Just there where the glass and the branch holding it did not quite meet.  She found herself reaching for that hole, stretching her stem towards the hole.  It felt so good to stretch and to reach.  It felt good to move and get that bend out of her stem!  The light there felt, well different.  Not quite as warm, but not cold either. It seemed, refreshing and nice.  She found that she liked this new spot.  She liked the warmth of the light. But it wasn’t as warm as the place she had been.  It scared her just a little.  She wasn’t sure about this new spot.  It was different and new.

Now it began to rain and the rain fell right on her flower.  It ran down her stem and leaves.  It scared her because she thought she would never survive this rain.  It was going to hurt her!  She was sure of it!!  The little Daisy cried and her tears mixed with the rain.  Flashes and loud noises crashed above her.  She had never experienced anything like this and she was terrified!  The glass had always protected her from things like this.  She didn’t know what to do!!  By now she was just too tall to go back down the hole she had found in her safe glass roof.

The rain that had been falling so quickly, got slower and slower until finally it stopped all together.  She quietly cried a little longer expecting to find her stem so recently straightened, curved and bent and maybe even broken.  But as she dried her tears and looked at her stem, she found that the stem was not at all harmed, but seemed rather, stronger!  That was surprising to her!  Even more surprising to her, was that the glass that had held her warm and bright for so long.  That had become restricting rather than comforting.  The glass that she had grown under for so long, was now in pieces at her feet!  It had broken in the wind and the rain and the loud noises of the storm had hidden the sound from her.

She found herself free of the glass that had held her for so long!  Now she didn’t cry tears of fear.  She cried tears of joy, of relief, of excitement of what that could mean!  She was free!  She was able to grow as tall as she possibly could grow!

With the new rain still fresh on her leaves, the sun shining once again on her flower and leaves, and the breeze blowing her back and forth, she grew and grew!!  She found that she was not the only Daisy in the area!  Just over there were Lots of Daisies!!  But there just weren’t Daisies over there!  There were purple flowers and golden flowers.  There were pink flowers and yellow flowers.  There were blue flowers and red flowers!  She had never seen so many different kinds of flowers that all were bright and pretty and loved the sun just as much as she did!

She was so happy.  She was no longer alone.  Missy__s_Daisy_by_EdwinLMunt


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