Garden Notes: Works In Progress

Finally, we can work in the gardens.  I have several things going on garden wise yet again!  It seems once I start I can’t keep my hands off!!

Project number one:  The community garden I am assisting with at our church.  We have started this project with the goal of getting people back into the gardens and teaching them how to preserve their harvests.  We have had a pretty good response so far!  We have 9 beds taken.  We are so excited to be actually making this project happen!  Its been a lot of work, but we have had some more people pitch in to help which will make things much more fun!

the first garden bed at the community garden project.
the first garden bed at the community garden project.

Our gardens this year are what is known as a “lasagna garden” or “sheet mulch” garden.  We have laid down cardboard and topped it with so far, old hay. Next we will layer on compost, composted manure, and dirt.  By the time we are done, we will have a nice garden to start with.  It will be even better next year when all has had time to decompose.

The first row of beds is finished.  We did a pretty good job we thought!
The first row of beds is finished. We did a pretty good job we thought!

Project number two:  My home gardens.  Last year I started transplanting more of my plants from our old home to the new one.  The new tenants just don’t do gardens so in hopes to save some of my plants, I have moved them over here.  I didn’t want to add any more gardens though so I am “enhancing” the ones that are laid out here.  I have lots of new plants coming up all over and I am excited about that!!

In one garden I have added a gutter strawberry planter that I saw on “Pinterest”.  Yea- I know, I need to stay off of that!!!  But I really like how it looks and it seems that the strawberries should do pretty well in there.  Not sure what I am going to do about them in winter.  I will come up with an idea for that later!!

The raised strawberry bed planter.
The raised strawberry bed planter.

I added a raised border in that area, had the boys take out a bush that was overtaking the corner, and moved around some plants.  I added also a spiral herb garden.  I added some more dirt and manure and will top that with bark mulch a friend brought me.  Its beautiful stuff and it really finishes off the look.  And it also really helps to keep the moisture where I want it!!

Project three:  the vegetable garden.  Started adding to my layers in this garden.  This garden is on its second year of a “lasagna” style garden and I am really like the results of that! I had a great harvest last year and am looking forward to this years garden!  So far, its been really cold and wet so the only thing I just planted yesterday, is tomatoes.  I will have to keep an eye on them!

This year, to add to it,  I am going to play around with a pallet garden idea. Will let you know how that works out.  Watch for updates on that to come..

Last project going on is a front garden.  I have all the blocks removed and will have to lay it out better to pull it down and well, enhance it!!  I will be working on that one more as the year goes on, but quite frankly, its last on the list!  Watch for updates on that one to come.

This was a raised garden that the blocks have been falling out of.  I took them all out to start over.
This was a raised garden that the blocks have been falling out of. I took them all out to start over.
Bonus tractor picture!
Bonus tractor picture!


I guess I am all into gardening again this year!  I was going to not do much gardening at all, outside of vegetable gardening.  Instead, I am incorporating more vegetables and herbs into all my garden projects. For example the herbs and strawberries in the one garden. In another, I have a pot of lettuces and spinach started.

I have lots of other ideas I am hoping to experiment with this year too!!  Clay pot irrigation, the pallets, more layering in the gardens.  I am hoping to share some of my ideas here on the blog!

Oh– and as a parenting thing, I do have the kids help in the gardens whenever I can.  They like picking the peas and eating them right out of the garden.  I will post some gardening with kids ideas too.  For the most part though, I just have them help me with whatever I am doing.  They like to get dirty too!!

Let me know what garden projects you are up to this year!  What have you experimented with? What ideas were great and what were fails?? I would love to hear about them!




2 thoughts on “Garden Notes: Works In Progress

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of projects and sounds like it’s going to be amazing! This is the first time I’ve had outdoor space. So far I started some seeds indoors, but not sure they’re completely happy. We’ll see what happens.


    1. Thanks- I never intend to start so many projects… It just kind of happens that way!! Whoops…. Hopefully by the end of summer I will have some of them completed!!!
      I have tried starting seeds indoors and have not done it well… Hope yours turns out!


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