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Driving with Miss Vicki

Driving stories..

Heehee..  In my own words I have said, I am the ONLY good driver.  I am kind well…. opinionated about driving..

Yea, its something God is working on me about!

Yesterday, I ran my new to me car out of gas.  Yep.  And I am now being razzed mercilessly by my kids.  I deserve it I guess..

I am notorious for not checking the gas guage and for running in to the gas station on nothing but prayers.  Even then, I have only run out of gas 2x.  This time, I was late again, (nothing out of the ordinary for me!!)  and just didn’t look.  When my car died I did actually look but it wasn’t totally empty so I didn’t think it was that.  I told my son, the mechanic, that I thought it was the alternator.  He took me seriously.  Hubby told him to bring gas.  He didn’t think the alternator was the problem.  It was the gas tank.  It was bone dry..  Whoops.

Next I get a stern talking to from the son about fuel pumps and how they are not easy to replace on my car and that if I keep running out of gas, it will wreck the fuel pump.  Mom, you have to keep gas in your car!

Ok..  I get it..

Its kind of odd getting a stern talking to from YOUR SON!!!!

The only other time I ran out of gas was with the ugly dodge 15 passenger van we had for a very short time.  I was a block from home with a van load of children and groceries.  The needle hadn’t even gotten to the red area on the guage yet!  So I was a bit mad about that one!!  Needless to say, that van was gone not to long after that.

Speaking of vans, that was my everyday driver for a long time.  12 and then 15 passenger vans.  I learned that they make great donuts in the church parking lot!  In the snow and ice, they just fly around the circle!!

And we laugh and laugh!!  There is something hysterically funny about a mom of 9 doing donuts in the church parking lot with a 15 passenger van!  I don’t do them too often anymore.  I broke something the last time I did them, and I lost the “touch”.  Last year I just did them with the jeep.  It was still fun.  Just not as fun as when I used the big van!!

I have heard it said that driving with me is like riding in a roller coaster.  I suppose it is.  I really like to drive.  Fast, preferably fast.  And if we are on hills that’s even better!  So I also have kind of a lot of warning tickets.  I have gotten fined a couple of times, so I am doing much better about driving too fast. I try to keep it near the speed limit most of the time…

Happy driving!!

Blessings on your day!!








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