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More Driving with Miss Vicki

Did I ever tell  you about the time I herded cows with my 12 passenger van??

Hahahaha!!!  That was an interesting adventure!

I was coming home from the grocery store and several other errands. All of us in the van were tired and crabby and ready to get back home!!  I had stopped at my mom’s and as I passed a farm, I saw one of the rambunctious young cows run through the one wire strand that was supposed to hold them in.

At first I kept driving…  I kept thinking I need to get home. I have the van full of groceries and kids.  We need to get home and take care of the baby.  I need to get home..  I NEED to go back and tell the farmer!!……. Sigh……

I turned around and went back. Already quite a few of the cows were out of the fence. But when I got to the house, there was no one at the house except a mean, teeth-bared, growling farm dog!!  SOOOOO.. I left him alone!!  I went back to my mom’s and told her to call the farmer, she knew who it was, and I went back to the farm.  I honked my horn to try to get anyone’s attention, because by now, ALL the cows were roaming around the road!!

Now I am fully worried about all these cows.  I am driving around them trying to keep them contained somewhat and surprisingly enough, it was working for the most part.  I had gotten out to try to shoo them back myself, but they took one look at me and thought, she looks friendly and came RUNNING to me!!!!

I dashed back to the safety of the van.

Did I ever tell you that I have this strange fear of cows??  I know, weird!!  I raised several steers from babies and I wasn’t scared of them until they got big and I realized they weren’t dogs.  They aren’t to be treated as pets!!  whoops!!

Besides that, though, I have always been a bit scared of cows.  I don’t have any idea why.  I have never figured that out and have never been able to conquer that one. Not yet anyways!!

Back to my story….

In the van, the kids were so fascinated by this escapade that even the baby stopped fussing for a bit!!  They were telling me what to do and how to get them!  Of course, the oldest boy was going to get out and herd them in..  Boys are very brave that way!!

We sat and watched the cows until finally the farmer came around the buildings with a load of fresh hay for them.  His eyes got really big when he saw what was happening!!!  I didn’t stick around then to help him, I left right away.  I knew that wagonload of hay would bring most of them right back to the paddock.

I had a carload of groceries to get in and a baby to take care of!

Blessings on your adventures today!!!



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