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A Birthday Reflection

birthday-5aI got a birthday card yesterday from my mother-in-law.  This is what it said:

“Life seems to be going faster and faster, doesn’t it?

Birthdays tell us to slow down, make wishes, share memories.

They give us an overdue chance to look at life and realize it’s pretty wonderful.

And your birthday reminds the people around you how good we have it just to share it all- the good the bad the busy, (should probably say “the ugly” about here but instead it says “and the cake!”)- with you.”

I really liked it..  Its so true too!  Life IS going at warp speed!  The kids are growing so fast, experiences are happening so quickly!  Next thing I know, the wedding will be over and it will be time for the grandbabies to start coming!!

In an effort to slow down, make wishes and share memories, I guess I write this blog.  It makes me think of all those things that have happened over the years and remember.  There are the good things, the funny things, the ugly things and things that, well, I would just rather not remember.

Take all those things and mix them up well.  The truth is this..  All those people, experiences, good things, bad things, ugly things are things that teach us, train us, help us grow.

Absolutely, my life is wonderful.  No doubt about that.  I have had struggles and trials.  Things I have had to learn.  Sometimes for the umpteenth time!! (anyone else ever used or heard THAT word??!!!!!)  But overall, its been a good life.  I love my family.  I love Todd’s family.  I love my own family..  Are there things I would do differently had I to do them again?  Absolutely!  Is there any one of us who wouldn’t??  I don’t think so..

birthdayI have some regrets.  I am really trying to live a life with less and less of those. I guess that would be my prayer/wish; that I would have less regrets and more Blessings more Experiences!  More Joy!!  More Laughter!!  More of what makes life worth living!

NO, that does NOT mean I will go up in an airplane and JUMP!!!  Though, learning to fly one might be an option!! HAHAHAA!!!!

Thank you so much, all of my family members!  I love each an every one of you!!  I am so sorry for all the things that have caused us pain and regrets. I thank you that we are family and we love through ALL things- good bad and ugly!  I bless you and your own life experiences!!  Live it to the fullest!!

May this year be a year full of blessings and joy!!  BigFlowerBirthdayWishes



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