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Some More Dirt Please!

I am doing laundry today…  Its kind of nice actually to do a “normal” thing today.  I really need to spend some time catching up on all those “normal” day to day things!  Its been kind of crazy this last week!

Finally, we have had nice weather and it seems to be staying summer weather now.  So now was able to get the garden mostly planted.  I have 17 tomato plants. Going to have A LOT of tomatoes this season I guess!   I also planted, in a couple of old pallets, some beets, marigolds, lettuce, spinach and bok choy.  We will see how that does.  I am also trying collards, brussel sprouts and cauliflower.  I have done cauliflower before but its been a long time.

That was Friday night.  I kind of spent too much time in the dirt Friday and well, supper was a bit “overdone”!!  whoops.  It was still edible but a bit more done than needed to be.  That’s the way the whole weekend went. I kind of forgot to plan in meals.  So we ate out a bit more than we really should have I guess.  Some weekends are like that.  The kids really liked it anyway!

We got the front flower bed redone and looking really nice!  I can’t wait til the plants we planted in there start to really grow!  I will take pictures when that happens.  The boys helped us immensely and we were able to get it all done.

If I didn’t have those boys to help, I certainly wouldn’t get much done at all!!  They were amazing!!  I am so proud of my boys!  The ones who don’t even live here came over and helped with yard work!  They mowed the grass and attempted to start chipping up the immense brush pile, but the chipper quit so we have to look at that.  They are amazing kids!

Yes, I like to brag on my kids!  Don’t we all??!!

I will add some pictures next week as some of what I have planted starts to sprout.

This week we are hoping to finish the gardens at the church.  We have a big work day planned and a friend and I worked for a couple hours last week to haul a bunch of dirt over to the beds.  That was a blast!! I got to use the bucket on my tractor!  Yes, I am that kind of girl!  I loved hauling dirt with my tractor!  And yes, it is MY tractor!!

After that, I went and picked up a load of manure for the gardens and got the truck stuck in the muddy field!!  haha!!  Yep, I am still that kind of girl!!

I wrestled the lever into 4 wheel drive and attempted to drive the truck with an overloaded trailer out of the mud.  And then had to get out to lock in the hubs, which I remembered to do after the failed attempt!  But that didn’t help and the farmer had to go get his tractor and a chain!  I laughed!  Todd called and said “Remember to lock in the hubs!”  I said, “don’t worry I got this and I did that already!!”

He laughed and so did I!!

I am That Kind of Girl!!

I even remembered to take it out of 4 wheel drive and do whatever I needed to the hubs.  (by the way, that means to turn the knob on the front wheels of the truck to the setting that allows the front wheels to turn with the rear wheels using all 4 wheels to pull the truck.  Yes, I have been a mechanics wife for 25 years!!)

Enjoy your day!  I need to go switch loads and fold some laundry and clean the bathrooms and vacuum…  Its a good thing its a cloudy, humid, supposed to be rainy, day!!





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