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Books, Maya Angelou and Sesame Street!

maya-angelouRIP Maya_Angelou

Maya Angelou has passed away.  She was an author, poet and activist.  She was a beautiful woman.  There was always something about her that I just was in love with.

I never read her books or her poems.  I never went to hear her speak.  I don’t even know that she did.

I actually watched her on Sesame Street.

Yes, I did watch Sesame Street with my kids when they were all young and I had extras.  It was a good break and best of all, there were adults there on the show too!  I really needed the break and to hear ADULTS speak!!  After awhile, especially when one of the characters, I think it was Maria, was pregnant, it was my “soap opera”.

Yea, sad and depressing I know..  But it was where I first heard of Maya Angelou.  I loved listening to her voice.  She had that kind of voice.  It was beautiful and I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

There was just something about her that I found amazing and beautiful.  Since then I have just followed her from afar. I am kind of sad that she is gone now and I have still never read anything from her, though I hear that she was an amazing author.  I will definitely add her books to my bucket list of books to read.

A quote I read from her is this: The best candy shop a child can be left alone in is the library.

I love this!  I think kids should be left alone in a library as much as possible!  The library is an amazing place for kids- and me!  I am not left alone there nearly enough!  I was so blessed when my kids went to school that the first thing they were excited about was that there was a library!  It made this Momma’s heart glad!!

Reading is such a treasure and a gift.  I love to read and you can check out my page of mostly children’s books that I think everyone should read. Spend as much time as you can in the library.  Get your kids to the library and encourage them to find the books they really like to read.  There are so many!  My kids always have gravitated towards the non-fiction section.  They really like to read books about animals and cars.

Personally, my favorite are the children’s picture books!  I love and have always loved Tasha Tudors illustrations,  Margarite Henry’s stories and pictures and of course Eric Carle’s imaginative pictures!!  And there are so many more!!  Go check it out!  Find your favorites!

Go hang out at the library today.  Just because.

Blessings on your day!!



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