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A Reflective Post..

A bit of a reflective thought here today..

I have been pondering some things for a few days.. why exactly AM I writing this anyways.  Its not like I have a bunch of extra time free to just  sit around waiting for inspiration to hit me and I write stuff down.  I don’t think to take pictures of the cute stuff my kids or pets do all day long.  Nor do I take the time to write down the funny things they say.  If I happen to remember things, it should be written down!!!  It was THAT epic!!

Yes dear children of mine, I DID just use the word epic!!!

I have been told that I should not use that word. Apparently, only young people can use those sorts of words.  And I have been informed that I am not young!!

So why in the world AM I writing this stuff anyways??

This blog has become I guess, a place where I share what I have learned over the years.  Its an honest look at what I have learned about myself.  Its not always pretty, but its mine.  I want others to see what I have learned and learn from me.

I would not always listen to the people around me directly, but eventually, I would see the truth in their words.  In this blog, I want you, my readers that have known me my whole life, to know, that 1. It didn’t always look as if I was listening, but I was.  I didn’t always take your advice right away, but I eventually got it and did.  2.  I want you my reader now to know that I understand that somewhat, and realize that what I write you may take into consideration and use in your own life.  Maybe not right away, but when you are ready to incorporate it.

Please take what I write as what it is.  My experiences and what I have taken away from them.  This is the path I have chosen and what I have learned from my own walk through life.

The biggest lesson I have taken from all of this is that God is good.  He wants good for me always.  He is not mad at me, He is not up there watching for me to make my next big mistake so He can punish me. He is like a tender loving Father watching over His children.  He Loves you ALL the Time!  He wants His best for us ALL the time!  We make choices sometimes that are not good for us.  He turns those things to good if we let Him.

Torn_Tapestry_Kaleidoscope__by_winklepickersI guess I think of the tapestry analogy.  If I were to look at my tapestry, or you were to look at it, we would see a HUGE jumbled up mess!!  Some areas maybe seemed to go pretty well and look ok.  But if you looked at the other side, if God turned it so we could see it, well, it would actually be quite beautiful!  Of course I won’t be able to see it until I get into heaven.  I am confident that my Papa God is going to turn all of my stuff into good and a beautiful tapestry!!

I don’t want to offend anyone.  It is not my purpose.  If I do offend you with what I write, I am sincerely sorry.  But I also realize that people are offended sometimes.  That’s ok too.  I bless you anyways.

I hope that you take my stories and get a better understanding of God and life in general.   If you are entertained along the way, well, Praise God!! If you find something you like and it works for you, well that’s a bonus!!

Sorry for you who are looking for funny…  Its just not where I am tonight.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be more entertaining again..

Bless you guys!! Thanks so much for taking time to read my rants!!  If you would like, feel free to use the contact me page.  I would love to hear from you!











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