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Unlocking the mind

I have started another blogging 101 class.  Todays assignment was to write for 20 minutes and then post it.  Here it goes!

Its pouring out again today.  Again. This started last night.  It has made the power flicker quite a few times!  I am hoping the chickens are mostly dry!   I am going to have to clean out the wet bedding and put down some new bedding later today or tomorrow.  Not sure when this will let up.

Those strawberry plants I put in the gutters in the garden are washed out.  The rain has come down so hard and filled them so full that the dirt has washed out!  I am not sure what I will do about that, maybe add more strawberry plants to hold in the dirt or just take it apart completely and put them into a garden space of their own.  Still pondering that one.  It looks so cute and actually I have a few strawberries ripe already..  I will see what happens with that.

There is so much to think about today!

PA daughter and her fiance’ are trying to buy a home.  They are so excited but it is a HUD home and therefore there is lots of paperwork and hoops to jump through to try to get it!  We went to do the home inspection today but unfortunately the electricity that they said would be on, was not.  Great.  Hour wasted.  On a good note though I was able to see the home finally.  Its cute!  Just needs some TLC it looks like to me.  A good scrubbing and some paint and it will be perfect for the newlyweds!!

Laundry and cleaning today.  Its a good day for that and writing.  Still pouring.

I just had to spend 5 of my 20 minutes rebooting this computer because it was doing odd things.  It seemed to work as it is working better now.

I have love/hate relationship with this computer.  And all computers really.  They annoy me because I cant just do what I want to do quickly and I always have trouble with the whole “using a computer thing” anyways.  I am getting much better as I am using the computer more and more.   But it will remain a love/hate relationship!!

I read Psalms 96-98 today.  I am really enjoying the Psalms.  And the decrees that go with them!  Love that!  Today, from Psalm 98 it was a long list of “I see You” phrases.  Its a good reminder to see the Lord in every part of your day!  He is there if you look for Him!!  Watch and see!  Try it!

I think my time is mostly up.  It was a good exercise for me I think.  Its getting me unstuck!! Hoping to improve my writing through this particular course.  I hope you  enjoyed my ramblings!!  hehe….

Blessings on your day!!





5 thoughts on “Unlocking the mind

  1. Hey Vicky, you have the best title for blog. I love it. Psalm 91 is my very favorite. Verse 4 is one of my life verses. I look forward to the coming challenges.


    1. I LOVE Psalm 91! I pray that over my household whenever we are going through anything!!!
      I am looking forward to this course too. I really needed to get “unblocked”!!


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