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Pick ONLY 3 Songs…. Seriously??!!

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

I love music.  I love songs.  I had so much trouble coming up with something that I could write about.  Funny though.. the songs I picked, well, thought of, with lots of help, are kind of lame really.  It just shows just how uncultured I am.

Honestly, there are some classical songs I really like..  Like the wedding march.  I know the actual name for it, but I can’t spell it so I won’t figure it out and put it here…  I love that song really.  Its significant of so many beautiful lives together!!  My own included!

But the songs I came up with are well, fun and remind me of fun times.  Laughter, joy and special times with special people.

Little Bunny Foo Foo was a song we used to sing a lot when the kids were little.  All of them know the song and we laugh and laugh.  Oh- that reminds me of the story “Black socks” in which there is a song that goes like this, “Blaaack socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get.  Sommmmetimes I think I should wash them but something inside me keeps saying not yet, not yet, not yet…”  And yes, we ALL sing it whenever we see ANYONE wearing black socks!!!  And laugh and laugh…

There are three songs without even trying!!  I still have 2 on my original list!!

Convoy.  Yes, it is a lame old 70’s truck driver song.  We sang lots of country music songs as we were growing up since that was all my parents listened to.  My dad was a truck driver so this one, and most of the other truck driver songs, were personal favorites of mine. Especially back in those days!!  I would ride with him in the truck and sing whatever country songs would come on.  Oh the memories!!

We even had an 8-track with only truck driver songs!  Yep, we were cool like that!!

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights just is a fun favorite.  I remember hanging out with my sister and singing this one loudly in the dance bar we liked to hang out at.  Singing is most definitely not our gift but we knew ALL the words and we like the song so we belt it out like old pro’s!!  And we had a blast together.  We laughed and laughed..  I wish I knew and understood what happened there.  I miss her… If she only knew and was interested in knowing..

So, for a spiritual chick, I have a rather unspiritual list of favorite songs!!  Sorry to all my spiritual friends..

I have lots of random favorites in my music likes.  I love songs like the “Hokey Pokey”, the “Chicken Dance”, the “ChaCha Slide”, the “Macharena”…  because they are fun and usually played at weddings. And of course a wedding is a very special and joyful day!!  I guess that is how I picked my favorites.  Which ones caused me to recall the most joy and fun and laughter!!

There is one though, that is a favorite of mine just because it reminds me of when we did in church one Sunday and my friend, who was losing her battle with metastasized breast cancer, was right up in front pounding her stick along with several of the rest of us, through the song.  Its a song unique to this area, as a friend wrote it.  Its called, “the Kingdom of Heaven Advances”.  And as its playing we pound sticks in time to the music through the song.  Its a very powerful song.  Now every time we play it, I am reminded of her standing there in the front of church, battling for her very life.

I miss her.

So much for keeping it to only 3 songs.  Music is so special I guess. there is just something about it.  I can’t help but tap my foot or mouth the words.    We all have songs that stick in our head and just pop out at random times. Isn’t that funny how that works?  Something triggers a memory of a song and next thing you know, your trying hard to remember that next line.  Its there you know, but you can’t quite reach it.

Songs.  Music.  Its so special.







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