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News From the Home front!!

Its a cooking kind of a day..  And its most certainly a MONDAY!!!!

Here is all the news from the home front today..

One kid is almost finished with his schooling, the oldest, and had to switch back to nights for his job.  He is NOT happy with that as he has gotten to like very much his days.  He found at the end of this school year that he has one more class he needs in order to graduate.  They couldn’t apparently figure that out at the beginning of this year so that he could finish on time..  He is very frustrated with that right now.  On a good note, he is living with the boys in the “Bro-House” and we are all very happy with that arrangement.

The next daughter is going through home-buying hell as she and her fiancé are attempting to buy a HUD owned home.  Today we will attempt a third time at inspecting the home.. The Realtor raised a ruckus last week after the second attempt so we are expecting this time to go somewhat better.  Oh and after she graduated with her class, she also got a letter from the school stating that she has to take one more class in order to officially graduate.  Seriously??!!!  You find that out NOW??!!!!

Wedding stuff is going well, Praise God, and she and her fiancé have most of it paid for themselves.  Only 2 short months to go before the big day!! Please be praying for nice cool weather as I do NOT do well in hot weather and this is an out door wedding.  Thanks so much!!

And the third is having face pain from her wisdom tooth extraction last month.  We will find out today what to do about that and then she is leaving for 2 weeks for  horse training classes.  Hopefully, today will bring her some relief from the face pain so she can do well at the classes.

The next Son raced yesterday and did very well.  He placed and had his best time ever!  He was very happy about that.  Now, we have to have his wrist looked at.  A while back he sprained his wrist and it hasn’t healed well.  He is having pain and swelling in it yet and we are not yet sure what will happen with that.  So far the chiropractor hasn’t been able to help it at all so our next step is our regular doctor and go from there.

And on down the list we go to the next son who is finishing up his junior year and is complaining of the cold and sore throat all the rest have had.  Yay…  he will be taking his ACT test on Saturday so he had better be studying!!!

Son 4 has started a new job and works tonight.  He and the rest are also finishing up their school year and are so excited for summer.  The 5th son is doing so well with his braces that he may even be done with them already this summer!!  We are very happy with that progress!!

Needless to say, Todd and I are doing well and have no issues we are going to talk about!!  hahaha! The businesses are doing well and the employees are amazing!!  We have been asked to speak at our church and we will do that on the last Sunday of this month.  Not sure yet what we will talk about.  We were just asked to talk about what God is doing in our lives.  That should take the rest of the day!! Gonna have to narrow that topic down a bit!!

Today I think I will just do some cooking and not worry about all the rest of the issues.  I have an Apple Cinnamon baked oatmeal in the oven right now.  Its a new recipe from a fellow blogger.  Should be yummy!! It smells wonderful!!!

Also, I have more rhubarb so I thought I would make rhubarb syrup and put the rest in the freezer.  Then I also have a bunch of mint and lemon balm that I thought I would pick and put in the dehydrator.  It makes yummy tea!!!

When life can get overwhelming, going to the garden, and cooking help me to stay centered.  I can discuss these things with God in those quiet places and, well, stay centered and focused on what He is doing in the middle of those things.

Have a great day everyone!!








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