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Writing 101- The Farm

Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.

Yesterday, Son 4 and I helped his sister get situated at a farm where she and her horse will spend the 2 weeks learning more about natural horsemanship.  Its a beautiful, well kept farm.  I love just walking around this farm as everything is so pretty!!

She has a chicken house and in front of it, kept safe from the attacks of the older chickens, in a pen is a new flock of chickens.  Then pen is made up of whatever was handy and its adorable!!  The babies are all sorts of colors and still quite skittish of new people walking up to the pen just to look at them!! I step away so they can calm down and watch them as they inspect me with their own watchful eyes.  Several have moved on to other important interests but some keep their eyes on me until I move away.  It makes me smile.

The barn is a wonderful, huge space!  There are lots of pens for horses, all very neat and tidy.  Not one seems to be the same size as the other and yet, there is order to them.  My daughter’s horse is enjoying an extra large stall and his very own bag of hay to enjoy!! No competition for the best pieces!  He was quite happy with this arrangement!!  Even the paddocks outside were neat and tidy.   All the pastures had been kept mowed so the weeds don’t take over.

I peeked at her garden, also kept neat and  in rows with straw laid to keep the weeds down.  There was lots of plants growing in there and some had already flowered.  I thought of my own gardens at home where not much had begun to come up much less flower!  She had a low fence around it to keep the rabbits out.  It would not keep the chickens out however and yet, it didn’t look as if the chickens had invaded it at all.  I only saw 2 hens and a rooster wandering the property so maybe they had found enough elsewhere.

I know this is supposed to be a public place to write about, but I can’t help but think about this wonderful farm!  Every time I go, I just think about how pretty it is and how it is kept so neat and tidy.  For this next 2 weeks it is kind of a public place, as there will be people and their horses coming and going for these classes. So I am counting it as a public place!!  Besides, its not like I have followed the directions completely on any of my other posts.

I am a sucker for a beautiful farm and this one totally counts in my book!!  She even has flower boxes with flowers in at the windows of the barn!

And that BARN!!  I love old huge barns and this one totally fits the bill!  Its a massive structure!  It is one of those barns that was added on to at least twice and so there is lots of space for horses, stalls, riding arena, implement storage and, though I haven’t been up there, what looks to be a cavernous hay loft!! Its obvious that it has been well cared for and its painted a soft gray color.  It looks right on this barn.

I hope you like my description of the farm.  I was going to talk about the more public Applebee’s that Son 4 and I stopped at on the way home.  But babies fussing, waiter having trouble with the other tables orders, ours taking way longer than it should have, just didn’t sound as appealing as that farm!  I did enjoy listening the 14year old talk though.  It was one of those impromptu, but so important Mother/Son dates.  Love those times too!!

Blessings on your rainy day!!



2 thoughts on “Writing 101- The Farm

  1. Well done! You did a great job bringing the farm to life for me. I could really picture it and wish I could visit it too, especially the garden. It sounds much better than my own. 🙂 Chickens kind of scare me, but you did a nice job making them sound appealing and kind of cute. I like having time alone with my children too! Great post!! 🙂


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