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A Late Father’s Day Post

I know– Its a day late.  I have been pondering it for days now and I just didn’t have the energy to write it yet.  Here I am now, first thing in the morning on our first official day of summer vacation, before the day gets away from me, writing this post.  Hopefully, it is a good one!!  Let me know if it is in the comments please.  Thanks.

I don’t even know how to start this one without sounding  cheesy and like I am doing a post about my Dad just because everyone else did for Father’s day…  Everything I want to start with sounds lame….

My Dad was the center of my world when I was a kid.  Sorry Mom, but you know its true.  I loved you too, you know, but Dad was the one I followed like a little lost puppy…  I worked with him, side by side, rarely talking but always knowing what the other one needed.  I would ride with him on his trips, mostly because Mom needed a break from me, and we would hardly talk to each other, but we enjoyed the time together.

I knew he loved me.  It was an understood thing.

I was gonna be a truck driver just like my Dad.  Instead, I got married and had babies.

My Dad has gone through a lot over the last 20 or so years.  He has diabetes and heart problems which really makes a mess of your body!  Especially, when you have a doctor who doesn’t really understand how these things work.  I am sure the doctor is a really good doctor in some areas, but this particular one was not his area of expertise.  Dad would go in and tell him of some problem and the solution was to take this or add that finally adding up to a long list of medications that just made him sicker and fatter.

About 4 years ago, he was using a scooter to get around because he couldn’t walk much, and he had a 50 inch waist!  He was sick and crabby and in pain.

Then 3 years ago, he had a stroke.  It actually turned out to be a lifesaver for him as he ended up in the hospital overnight where he had an atrial fibrillation attack that should have killed him.  Had he been at home, he would not be here today.  There they discovered that he should be using a c-pack machine to help him breath at night as he has severe sleep apnea.  They also hooked him up with the most amazing Diabetic Heart Specialist in the area!!  She has helped Dad and Mom understand his issues and be able to LIVE with it!!  Really LIVE!!

He has been on the Diabetic diet now for 3 years, lost over 100lbs and is down to taking just the pills for his diabetes.  Considering he was on huge amounts of insulin just 4 years ago, I think this is a miracle!!  His medications are way down and he is the Dad I remember!!  He is fun and plays jokes again!!  He FEELS BETTER!!!

I had been praying for him for so long.   I knew that God would take care of him one way or another.  Its been hard waiting for God to help him, but I really feel like God took care of him and gave him a second shot at life.  He doesn’t use the walker even anymore.  He takes walks around the block.  He goes and uses the escalator at the Brewers games.  Gives his wife heart attacks regularly!!  Yep, he is back to his old self again!!!

He is my Dad and I am so proud of him!!  Thank you Lord for bringing back my dad!!  Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!




2 thoughts on “A Late Father’s Day Post

    1. Dr. Kate in West Bend clinic on Paradise. She is awesome!! Takes time to sit and talk and explain and LISTEN!!!! She actually wanted Dad to go with her to do some talks but he wouldn’t do it. He is so bashful when it comes to that!! (Don’t tell him I told you!!)


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