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What Would My Biography Say??

There has been just a few too many gloomy days around here!  I feel quite a bit like Eeyore!!!!

Gloomy day.  Guess its just gonna be that way.  Gloomy day.


I have been reading a Memoir of James Herriot this week.  Its called, “The Real James Herriot”.  I have been laughing out loud sometimes as I am reading to myself!  Fortunately, around here, they are used to me doing things like that especially while reading!!

Have you read any of the James Herriot books or watched the British tv series?  I have not watched the series, but the books are some of my favorites!  I have read all of them and enjoyed them immensely!!  “All Creatures Great and Small”, “The Lord God Made Them All”  are two of the titles.  I have also read “James Herriots Dog Stories”, another favorite.  I love his stories of being a vet in the 1930’s in England. The country is beautiful and the stories are hysterical!!!

As I am reading the biography and finding out that his real name is not James Herriot but rather Alf Wight and the names and places have been changed just to keep things a bit private.  Life as a vet back then was quite a challenge!  Not only was his car a dangerous and pathetic ride, but he also worked outside on farms all over the countryside with the most basic tools and medicines!  Not  at all a life of ease..

I find myself pondering what would my biography look like?  Would people like me?  Would I be a good read??  Personally, I don’t really think so.  I just think that the stories I have are everyday run of the mill stories.  But yet– I am trying in a way to share some of what goes on in my everyday.  Hopefully, I make someone laugh and also, point them in the right direction.

Lord, thank you for what you have done in my life and in the lives of my family members.  May they all be kind and loving people, hard-working and also able to enjoy life to its fullest!!  Lord, please help us to encourage each other in the way to go.  May my life be a good read!!





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