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Free Writing a Writing 101 Assignment

Oh goodness.. A free writing assignment.  Anything I want to write about.  What’s on my mind today.

I have been listening to the kids as they all play together and travel as a pack from one area to another today.  They are so fun to listen too!!  Except when one gets frustrated with the others and yells at them!  That’s kind of irritating but yet I get it!  Its hard when everyone else wants you to do something other than what you want to do!!  I have the niece and nephews today.  And we are hoping to go to the library and a few other places too. The van door is broken and I am hoping that it will stay shut so that we can go today!  Otherwise, well, plan b will have to come into play.   I have no idea what that will be!!  But I have 7 kids that I want to take and nothing else will hold us all!

Then I am also pondering the biography idea.  I have stories to tell but of course I can’t just think of them.  I have snippets of ideas but can’t recall them all.  gonna have to do some research which I don’t really want to do but will have to do.  I also have to start just jotting ideas down as they come.  of course I don’t actually think to do that but if I make the conscious effort to try to do that I think that would help!!

so much to think about and so much to write about!!

Just sent two of the kids outside to play with the rabbits and clean up the rabbit house a bit.  One will love playing with the bunnies while the other cleans it.  Bummer being the older one that actually has to do the chores!  but I know him well enough to know that he will get her working somehow too!!

then there is the son over at his house recovering from his surgery to fix that wrist.  He seems to be doing pretty good.  Said last night he only took his pain pills once.  Today he should be able to get up and around more and should be used to the cast, actually splint, the cast comes next week.  that’s a relief and one more worry off my mind..

This weekend is also the bridal shower and then bachelorette party.  should be a fun day.  Its gonna take up the whole Saturday unfortunately but that will be ok too.  I need to go cut some branches for part of the decorations today.  Not sure what I will get her for a present. maybe just give them both some cash for the wedding and everything and call it good!!

Ramblings…  Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings…  If you have any ideas of stories I have told or you have lived with me, please post them in the comments.  Especially if you want to see them written here in the blog!!! hahaaha!!!  Maybe I should write if you DON’T want a particular story shared here on the blog make a comment!!




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