What a Week!!

So much going on this week and I can’t believe its the end of June already. Today is the Wedding shower for my daughter.  Tonight is the bachelorette party.   Last night I could not sleep and this morning the dogs barked at everything. I am so tired even before this crazy day begins!!

I see lots of coffee in my day.

Kind of crazy to think that in just over a month my first daughter will be getting married.  Next week they sign papers for their new house.  Its a cute house.  Can’t wait for her to move ALL her shoes over there!

It will be fun to see all the relatives and meet some of her fiancés relatives.

I cannot believe my daughter is getting married.  Where has the time gone?  It seems that just the other day, she was the sassy little girl bossing her siblings around!





3 thoughts on “What a Week!!

  1. I have been thinking the exact same thing! We have 7 weeks to go, and it is a whirlwind, but so exciting! My little girl is all grown up! Don’t really remembering that happen! Enjoy your day!


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