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First Strawberry Jam!!

Last night I made the first batches of fresh strawberry jam!  I actually made Strawberry Rhubarb, which looks YUMMY!!!

I sampled a few fingerfuls and yes, it is YUMMY!!!

I loosely followed the Sure-Jell recipe.  I have used Sure-jell for years, and it works the best, I have found.  I use the low sugar recipe just because my kids really like jam and they don’t really notice that there is less sugar than the other recipe I used to make.  They just like the sweet jam!!

I say loosely, because I had to look online for the recipe because my boxes didn’t have the recipe sheet in it and well, I just scribbled on a scrap of paper the gist of the recipe.  Who needs all those other details anyways??!!!

I have made jam every year for years so I really just needed the amounts. I usually use the cooked version.  I don’t really know why I do that one, I just always have.  I should really try the freezer jam versions sometime.  I guess I like that I can just keep the jam on the shelves as I usually am running short on freezer space come fall.

My aunt one year made me a whole bunch of freezer raspberry jam.  It was delicious but my kids wouldn’t eat it because it had seeds.  Then I just sort of forgot it was in the freezer, and didn’t really think about using it for other things like I would now.  I felt horrible that I never used it all up!  I still do!  I am so sorry Aunt A!!

I cooked down the strawberries and rhubarb for a bit to soften up and break down the rhubarb.  Then I measured out the amount of strawberry/rhubarb mixture called for in the strawberry only recipe, 6c.   I measured out the 4c. of sugar and sat that aside to be ready when the berries were boiling.  I put the sure jell in the sugar and stirred the berries as they cooked.20140626_210729

Once that came to a nice boil, I added the sugar/sure jell mixture and stirred.  I continued stirring until it came to a boil again, that didn’t stop when stirred, and set the timer  for 1 minute.  I cooked and stirred for the minute and then removed from the heat.  I immediately filled the jars that were sitting ready and topped with the lids that I had warming on the back of the stove.  Make sure to wipe the rim before topping with the lid to get a nice seal.  Screw on the rings and then turn over and set on the counter to cool.20140626_212513

The ones that are right side up in the picture are the leftover strawberry rhubarb mixture that I will use for something yummy in the next few days. I will just keep that in the fridge.

That’s really all there is to it. Once the jam is cooled you can flip them back up and check the seal.  They should all be sealed nicely.  If they are not sealed, the middle of the lid will pop back and forth when you press on it.  If it didn’t seal, just put it in the fridge and use it.





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