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The Rabbit’s Not Dead….

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We have several rabbits.  Cute little things and sweet.  2 are brothers that have been together always.  They aren’t supposed to like being together but they do. One now has a huge bald patch on his back.  Both are getting old and are probably about 7 or so.  They were older when we got them and we have had them about 2 or 3 years now.

We put them out on the grass the other day and one didn’t seem to be moving right.  He would stretch out and then seem to pull his hind up only minimally using his hind legs.  The other was hopping all over and happy as a clam!!  It was a noticeable difference.

After some discussion with our 4h rabbit leader, we decided that maybe something was seriously wrong and we decided to call the vet to have him put down.  It was going to cost about $30.

I made the appointment and we took him in, sadly.  We don’t like pets dying at our house.

Once there, he seemed to be moving quite well.  He was kicking and squirming just fine!!  We decided to let the vet look him over and watch him move just to make sure.

The vet saw no issue with him moving around.  He looked fine as he hopped all over the room.  I still thought it was not right, but in the exam, she found no issues.

She looked over the bald patch and prescribed an ointment for that, in case it was mites.  She prescribed an antibiotic to also kill any other problems in him and to make herself feel good.

It cost me $127.

For a RABBIT!!!!  That was FREE!!!!


Yes, I know, I chose to allow the vet look him over and the Rabbit Boy was very happy he wasn’t going to lose his rabbit.

BUT IT COST ME $127!!!

That rabbit had better make a miraculous recovery and perform magic tricks !!!!

Oh, and by the way, that afternoon, when it was back in the cage with his brother, I saw for the first time, his brother nibbling on his back.  Eating the fur.  You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Guess who will be separated by the end of today??!!!






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