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Summer Adventures

We were downtown today for an appointment.  I thought it would be kind of fun to hang out at the lakefront for a bit.  We parked and walked.  We didn’t go right down to the lake but that’s ok.  We found some fun things to see and do anyways!!

First, we checked out the War Memorial.  It was pretty cool actually.  I have seen the building many times but had never gone inside.  There are memorials and statues all over, not to mention beautiful plantings all around the courtyard!!  To top it off, there is a beautiful view of the lake!!  Unfortunately, it was cloudy and rainy today.20140702_123643 (2)

Then we wandered around through some of the walkways and such and ended up near Betty Brinn an awesome children’s museum.  Sadly, only 1 of the children are of the age to enjoy it anymore.  We just talked about it and walked by.

Next stop, a food truck giving out FREE fish tacos!!!!  JACKPOT!!!!   They were really very good.  It was sponsored by Roundy’s.  We each got one and had our picture taken there. 20140702_124428



Finally, we hit the place I was sort of heading.  The row of food trucks.  We actually ate some food from food trucks in the city.  Yea– we are hokey like that!  And, like any self-respecting tourist type, I took pictures!!  We don’t have food trucks here where we live so it was kind of a big deal.  Surprisingly, it was cheap for us all to get something to eat.  2 bought their own food, so that helped too!

food trucks-- just kind of different and fun!!
food trucks– just kind of different and fun!!

On our way back to the van then, we found a quiet spot and sat and ate our food truck food. There was lots of activity around us as they were all getting ready for the 4th.  20140702_131502

All in all, it was a good afternoon just bumming around taking pictures, walking around and eating food from food trucks!!  20140702_134829


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