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Crazy Monday!!

So my sister in law stopped over today. Suddenly, her life looks so much better she basically said.  Actually she said something to the effect of “my life is so boring.”  We laughed and then I said, “you can switch with me if you would like.  I am kinda done with this today.”

She said, “Uh No, I am good with boring!!”

Sigh….  I can’t even GIVE my job away…

This was the morning.  Wait, almost forgot about last night.  It really started last night.  We all have too much to do again and are having a hard time getting time to do it all.  There is a wedding coming up in 4 weeks and many things are happening for that here.  Not to mention, I have to get clothes and shoes for 4 of the boys and the hubby yet.

So we are all a bit testy and crabby..

Then, a mouse ran up my fireplace and then across the mantle.


That set off a chase for the mouse, a funny pose by my husband, that I swear came from a scene in “The three Stooges”!!!  Me and three of my kids waited in the bedroom with the door closed!  I know… I am not normally like that, but we are not in normal times!!

Besides- it looked about a foot long!!!  To me anyways.  To those who found it, and have not yet caught it, its a little, normal mouse.

Then today, the dog rolled in mud.  Two teens lost it on me and yelled at me about their frustrations with all of this stuff.

I tried to sit and be sociable with my sister in law who just wanted some grown up time.

It just didn’t work so well.  If there wasn’t someone mad because he had to wash the mud off the dog, there was someone who wanted to talk about car stuff.  Then the kids wanted to see the baby chicks.  Then someone needed a diaper change.  (not my kids- praise GOD!!!)  Then someone needed a to get ticked off, then someone needed to yell at me about something else.

That was all in the span of less than 2 hours.

Not even kidding.

What was that line from “Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day”?  “I think I will move to Austrailia”?  Something like that.  I would go look for the book, but then I will have to dust the shelves in the basement.  Which will lead to cleaning the basement, and vacuuming, and getting rid of stuff.

I need to go mow the lawn.

By myself.  On my big green tractor.

I am feeling better already.

Have an amazing day!!





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