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Still a Bit Crazy Around Here…..

Yesterday went a little better.  Not much though.

I have the rabbits outside right now so they can enjoy some of this sunshine and we could thoroughly clean the cages.  We built some outdoor pens out of this and that and they seem really happy in them- even in the rain!!  All but one.

The littlest one.  She has escaped several times, been found in others pens several times and then yesterday, we found she had given birth.  Sadly, it was dead, but undoubtedly hers.  We weren’t even sure she was a SHE, and I had no idea she had been in with one of the boys!  I thought she had been kept separate up until this point!

Surprise.  Poor thing.  No wonder she had been so flighty.  I put her back in the cage inside the  rabbit house since we had finally had time yesterday to clean them thoroughly.

I went with the oldest daughter to look at the scratch and dent appliances at Menard’s  last night.  They are in need of a fridge for their new house.  We happened to then look at the paint since I need to figure out what to do for the deck, and found a clearance rack with paint exactly the color she had wanted!!  Unfortunately, after it was shook up, there was a hole in the bottom of the can and it leaked.  So we had to leave it behind.  Nice….

The deck is coming along nice.  We are so frustrated with that though I have to say.  We worked so hard on that last year and it looked so nice, (even though after it was done I hated the colors) but less than a year later most of the paint just peeled off in sheets!!!  Now we are having to sand the rest of it off- on an 800sq. ft. deck it is not a fun job..  At least the boys are doing most of that work.  That is a huge help!  I am listening to the sounds of the sanders as I type.

We are thinking we will just use the rest of the oil stain we had left from the house last year to cover the deck.  It should work well and last longer.

It will be so nice to have that project done and the deck all put together with the gazebo we bought for our birthdays, the string lights and the new furniture the kids bought me for Mother’s day, and the horse mat that I wanted for the floor underneath.  It looks great in my head.  I hope it does in actuality too!

I want it all to look so nice for the wedding rehearsal dinner and then maybe gift opening.  Hoping to move that one off to the daughter’s house, but we will see.  I know it will eventually, but right now, its kind of discouraging really.

Less than 4 weeks away is the big day!  We are all getting a bit anxious.  With the deck project, (much bigger than we wanted), then the moving the daughter and her fiance’ into their new house, county fair next week and the businesses much busier than we anticipated (one employee down with a cast on his wrist) we are all overwhelmed and busy!!

On a good note though, Dad said all we really need to do with the rabbit cages to help keep them cleaner, is install a board at the back of each cage to get the rabbits off the wires a little bit and keep the back of the cage a bit cleaner.  We won’t have to completely redo the cages.  It has been so hard to keep them clean, but he has given us some suggestions about that.  A huge relief, especially for the hubby!

After that, besides feeling bad that my husband had worked all day, then had to come home and work all night on the dumb deck, and that my daughter was at her house painting by herself because I had to be home last night, 2 of the boys were complaining that they didn’t feel good.

One that his throat was so sore- he has the cold that had been going around the household.  Of course, he was so sick and so pitiful.    I gave him some of the home remedies we tend to use:  Suck it up, being the most used one.  hehe…

After that remedy didn’t go over well, and neither did the “ice cream cure”,  I told him to gargle with some warm salt water with a  drop of Melrose essential oil.  He came back 2 seconds later with water dripped down the front of his shirt and a pitiful face saying that didn’t help.  Later I gave him an ibuprophen and sent him to bed early.  Today, no comments from him about a sore throat.  Phew…  I have been having him drink the medicine I have been making with honey, water, and several essential oils.  It seems to be helping.

Then the other one complaining his head hurt.  Again the suck it up advice didn’t go over well and I noticed that he didn’t play much, even though his cousin was over for the night.  I would guess that he got hit in the head too many times by the swords while they were sword fighting yesterday.  No, relax, they are nerf swords. Still hurts to be hit with them, but much less than if they were real swords!!  We don’t currently own any real swords so they could not have used them anyways.  I gave that one ibuprophen and sent him to bed early also.

Both went with no complaints so I guess they were really not feeling well, and both were asleep quickly.  Both seem fine today so far, and yes, they are already back to the swords. Though, they have been told not to hit each other on the head.

Amongst all of that I have been trying to get the laundry done and clean the bathrooms and work in the gardens. Even though I have been diligently washing clothes, the pile seems to be growing not shrinking!!  Daughter did clean one bathroom for me the other night, which was a huge help!  Now to get the others done…

Such is the life around here, lately.  Hopefully, soon, this season will pass and we can all enjoy life peacefully again.

Wanna come hang out??  We have some projects for you to work on!!

Blessings on your day!!







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