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One More Week to the Big Day!!

Its almost a quarter to nine.  Its so quiet yet in my house.  Bizarre really.  But I am getting used to it!!

One week from today the wedding fun starts!  Hard to believe really but here it is.  I am so excited for them.  They have so much to look forward to!!

Like:  Figuring out each other.  Physically, spiritually, emotionally. Some things they have figured out.  Others they have only scratched the surface of.

What will their lives look like together?  Will they move, will they stay?  Will they spend holidays here or with his parents?  How will they make their own traditions?

What kind of parents will they be?

Will they continue to go to church with us?  Will they find their own church home?

So many things new for them to figure out and make their own.  Such an exciting season for them.

And yet..  It can be extremely hard.

There can be lots of fights over who left the dishes in the sink.  Again.

Who didn’t put away the toothpaste?

Who spent the last $20 in the checkbook and didn’t tell the other??

Allowing each other to fail.  Loving each other through those failures.

But all the excitement of learning and growing together far outweighs those things! Its a good time for lots of new things!

Opening up to each other in intimate ways.  Exploring and learning each other.

Spending time learning about each other and each others families.  Learning his language.  Learning hers.  Enjoying his foods.  Enjoying hers..

Realizing this is not really a game called “Life”.  It is real Life.  You don’t get to roll the dice and have your choice picked out for you.  You have to choose and live with that choice.

They will learn to:  Pray together.  Spend time together.  Talk laugh and love together.  Make decisions together.

Praying they enjoy this season..  Praying they enjoy each other.  Praying they don’t make choices they will regret later.

Praying they bless each other..




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