horse stories

Horse Stories

I put two of the horses out in a temporary pen in the front yard.  They had been out there for a little over an hour when I was leaving and yelled, “keep an eye on the horses in the front yard!” to those who were not leaving.

The youngest innocently says, “what horses in the front yard?”

Uh.. “What??”

She is right..  There are no horses in the pen in the front yard.  There are no horses in the front yard.   The “gate” is on the ground!  Oh NO!!!


They grab the lead ropes and off we go.  Praise the Lord they were just in the neighbors yard!!  Phew!!

Stormy was so happy to see us!!  He came running over to the boys as if to say, “Oh Thank God!! I’m Safe!!”   The other horse came running right with Storm, he wasn’t gonna be left behind!!  horse pics 471

All is well again.

Hopefully, there are no “apples” left in the neighbors yard.





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