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This is Going To Be a Challenge isn’t it??!!

Today is the first day of school for many.

Some sent their kids off to school, with a tearful good-bye.  (the kids, not the parents!!)

Others keep their kids home with them.  What in the world would ever possess one to do that??!!

Me. And actually lots more people every year!  I was reading the other day that across the nation, 3% of the school aged kids were homeschooled in the 2010/2011 school year.

Well, several of mine, not all.

2 started High School today.  One a senior. One a freshman.  I gave the freshman a choice as he didn’t seem very happy at school the last couple of years.  He chose to go.  We did talk about joining clubs and getting connected in the places where he would do well like drama club and such.  Hopefully, he will work on that and make some good connections.

The rest, 3, are at home this year.

In an earlier post, I explained all of the decision making and such.  Now, I am trying to figure out how to balance it all. I will eventually, but right now, I am in kind of an exploration mode.

The kids are too.  What is their school day going to look like?  They keep asking and I just keep saying, we will figure it out!!  We all have to recall that school for us is vastly different looking from a public school setting.  What that will look like, we are still not sure.  We have been looking at something called “Classical Conversations”.  It looks amazing and mostly works on memorization of facts through songs, rhymes and hand motions.  I am not sure I want to pay that price for tuition since we have lots of stuff here and there is so much available on the internet and at the library for free!!

Now to plan out at least this month and figure out what we want to study.  A book study?  A nature study?  How about a garden unit?  I do need to work more in the gardens! hehe..  Real world examples right there!!!

As far as blogging an writing, I want to keep writing and I am just going to have to figure out a good place to plug that into my day.  I thought I could do it right after lunch, but that doesn’t work well.  Now, in the hour or so before dinner has to be officially started, and everything else I need to work on or do is put off for a bit, I can sneak in a little writing.

This gazebo works well as an office too!! Love it!  Chipmunks chipping, cicadas buzzing, kids chattering, horses nickering and topped off with a nice breeze blowing..  Loving my gazebo!  Best thing we ever did I have to say!!

Balance is going to take some time to figure out as will what exactly will work best for us this school year.  I want to have fun, use real world teachable moments, and get our basics down again.

I guess I will have to work on my planning skills again.  I haven’t been planning much lately, and quite frankly, it shows!!  I will have to get myself on some sort of schedule again!

I will work on a post from our weekend up in the U. P. (which, by the way, stands for Upper Michigan)  It was a beautiful weekend, even though it rained some.  I will tell you about that later this week.

Blessings on your week!!




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