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Marriage Tips From the Worst Wife Ever!!

Its kind of a funny thing really.

I am really trying to be a good wife.  I just miss it most of the time!

I thought I would try to share some of the things i have learned and am attempting to implement in my own marriage.

Lately, I found and devoured Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s books, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” and then “10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships”.

Wow…  Mind blowing really.  I have attended marriage conferences, learned about marriage from many people, even watched my own parents marriage 47 years.  Oh- and I should add, muddled through my own marriage.  But I had not really thought about some of the things Dr. Laura brought up in her books. And how I had been doing most of them.

Here is a gem that I had done for a long time- when your in the trenches day after day, it just kind of happens I guess.

“Make sure the kids are your focus.  It’s all about the kids.”


I had lots of little ones that needed my attention.  They NEED me.  Yes, they do.  But so does He.  He will still be there when the little ones are gone and living their own lives.  Cultivate that relationship even while your in the trenches!  A date now and then helps your sanity and keeps you and hubby connected!

Take the time!  Find the sitter.  Maybe your friend can watch your kids a few hours while you go out and you can watch the kids while she goes out!

I would be willing to bet he would like that too!  I know mine would!

Sometimes marriage is hard.  We need to make an effort to stay focused on making a home for the family.  Its really key and when we take the time to stay connected to hubby, we create a home that is truly a home.  We are focused on building a good healthy relationship and that creates a healthy environment for out kids.

What can we do to make our home enjoyable for everyone?  Is there something I can do to bless my husband?

Can I make his favorite cookie?  Can I give him a hug when he walks in the door even though i don’t feel like it?  Spend the time and reconnect with your spouse.  Its worth it. Sometimes it may not seem like it, I know that feeling. Anyone who has been married and stayed married, knows that feeling.   But, it is worth it.

Lord, forgive me for all the times I could have built a relationship with my husband, and didn’t.  Lord forgive me for forgetting about our relationship.  Help me to build relationship with my husband that is healthy, strong and enjoyable!  Help me to encourage him and love on him.  Help me to find that one thing that really blesses him and do that for him.  Lord, help us to take the time to build that relationship.  Thank you Lord. 





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