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A Foodie Post Today..

I might be considered a foodie..

Ok- not really.  I like to eat lots of foods generally, but when it comes to trying some really unusual foods, I just can’t do it!!

I like to cook, but I don’t usually have names for my recipes that are fun other than “Sumo”.  I have a recipe for “snickerdoodles”- now that’s a fun name for a cookie.  I have a recipe for something called “John Mazetti”.  That is a dish a friend made for us one day a few years back.  Its a noodle and tomato sauce dish.  Its delicious!!

On a side note, I have been spending WAAAAYYYY  too much time on Pinterest lately and have been noticing the names of foods they have there.  Whatever happened to creative names like “snickerdoodles” or “John Mazetti”???  Names like “30 Minute Barbeque Pizza” or “Dulche De Leche Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting” leave nothing to the imagination!!  Couldn’t we come up with some fun imaginative names like, well, “Heaven on a Cake”???  Or “30 Minutes to Bliss”??

The other day, I was in a cooking frenzy and kept thinking it would be fun to publish my efforts.  I would become just as popular as Ree Drommond or “Pioneer Woman”!!

Yea– in my head maybe!  Oh well– it made the cooking that much more fun!!

I filled my slow-cookers with all the plum tomatoes I had available to cook down for canning.  I filled 5 more jars with pickles and 2 jars with beans for “Dilly Beans”.  20140905_143950 20140905_143927 pickles

I took some left over rice I had and added ricotta cheese and a couple eggs and made a crust with that.

I topped it with pizza type toppings: Lots of tomatoes, peppers,pepperoni and sausage.  I imagined about now that I was Ree in the kitchen on her show telling everyone how wonderful this dish was and everyone would love it!!


Ok– well it turned out good.  Thats all I will say about it.  Its still in the fridge waiting for someone to finish eating it.  I added some seasonings and such, but we still find it tastes better with sour cream and salsa!

The pickles and tomatoes have turned out amazing anyways!  The dilly beans I am not sure about yet as they have to sit now for a few weeks.  Will let you know when we eat them!

I hope I made you smile today!  Sorry I didn’t add pictures of the creation I made.  I don’t know where they went!!  I thought I put them on my account but they are not there anymore.  Oh well… It really wasn’t that amazing!!  heeheee….  Ree Drummond I am certainly not!!  A food photographer neither!!!

Enjoy your cooking!!





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