Finally, A Home School Plan is in Place

One week into school and I finally decide that I really need to get organized and figure out just what in the world we will be doing!!

Truthfully, for the most part, we will be doing a whole lot of whatever we feel like studying.  But I want to have some things in place so that we cover the important things like math and language.   I am actually pretty excited about the plan thus far.   Relieved would actually be a better word. I guess I like to have some idea of what we are going to do otherwise I get a bit stressed out.

Online, out there on the web, I have found soooooo much free stuff!  I am astounded!!  I didn’t realize there was so much out there!  You could literally home school for free completely and quite effectively using the web and the library only.

I have a few planning sheets downloaded.  I have several sites bookmarked.  The best one, actually, the one that made me smile is this one:

I just love the title!  Not to mention the tons of blogs listed there of people who are homeschooling.  I have to get on the site again and do some more exploring.  There are links galore as well as classifieds and blog posts.  I could spend hours there.

Then there is

This one had lots of planning pages, links to all sorts of sites, and book lists.  Lots and lots of books!!  I LOVE IT!!!!

I thought about attempting to do something like that here, but why?  Its already done on these two sites, why reinvent the wheel.

Oh- and the amount of lapbooking sites is kind of comical!  3 years ago when I wanted more about this, I had a hard time finding it.  This time wherever I looked, it was already there!!  Now I have several lapbook projects downloaded to go with our unit study on “The Little House on the Prairie” book we have already been reading.

Needless to say, I have now figured out our next 2 weeks is going to look like.  Math and science will be the same all year, once I figure out the youngest ones math program.  That is almost done.  But even then, if I don’t get an actual book for her to use, I can just go online and she can do most of what she needs to do there!  It is truly astounding how much there is now!

Now that I have an idea in mind, we can do whatever we decide to do and run with it!  In 2 weeks, if we decide to continue the “Little House” books we can.  Or if we find something else we would like to explore, we can do that too!

Alright..  that’s enough rambling for now.

Blessings on your cold, rainy, windy night!!  Keep warm!!




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