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Here I am!! Did you Miss Me??!!!

I am here.  I just have had so much on my mind lately that I haven’t gotten to writing a blog post.

We have gotten through our first couple weeks of school and seem to sort of be rolling into some semblance of order.  Ok, not really.  Here it is 1145 on a Tuesday morning, and i am sitting here at the computer writing this post.

Truthfully, they have done their on their own work, and we are going to try gym and swim at the Y today so they are getting school in.  They are getting school work done.  I just am not part of it today.  I have gotten some other needed tasks done.

Lately, besides homeschool work, I have been canning produce, working on cleaning up gardens at our old house, and doctoring a horse.  The gardens at our old house are overgrown and I am in process of cleaning them out, removing plants I want to keep, and putting down some dirt so we can put down grass seed.  Its really kind of sad in a way but there isn’t much I can do about it.  I don’t have time to keep up those gardens and the community garden and the gardens here.  I have lots of shade loving plants, ground covers, and bulbs that need new homes.

Its gotten sort of busy again.  Soon it will be time to clean up the gardens and get them ready for winter.  I still want to try planting some garlic to over winter along with the walking onions I have planted.  The tomatoes are wrapping up with all the cold weather and it looks like I will have to make something with green tomatoes!!  There seems to be an abundance of them yet!!!!  The cucumbers are still producing pretty well and I have about 15 quarts of pickles done.  I also made several pints and quarts of dilly beans and froze several quarts besides!  The beans are producing really well right now!!

The slugs have eaten their way through my garden!!  I found that the beer traps work really well, but you have to keep them filled!!!!!  Needless to say, the chickens are getting a lot of slug eaten cauliflower, collards and brussel sprouts.  The brussel sprouts haven’t really done well this year anyways, so the chickens can have them!  They are thrilled with them and can’t wait to get at them!!

Barney, that sweet boy, got attacked by one of the girls (horses), and got tangled up in the fence.  He bent one of the t-posts over!!  Well, as a result, his leg is all tore up and needs to be cleaned and wrapped every day.  Nice.  It looks good and is healing well, but man oh man!!  He is tolerating the treatment really well, especially if he can freely graze on the grass while he is being worked on!!  Otherwise, he has bounced back pretty well from the EPM treatment we tried last spring.  He seems mostly good.  I was working with him and was able to sit on him for a short time.  Still, will be a long time before we can use him again.

God has been doing some new things too.  We are really being stretched in several areas besides all of that!!  Its all good!  We are learning new things, praying new ways and, well, learning how to trust Him in ALL things!

We have to make some changes to the body shop in order to keep insurance-( they really rule the world, don’t they??!!)  To that end, we have had to collect all the estimates and projects and take that to the bank.    We have the approval and so some of those projects have begun.  Praise the Lord, we have others who are doing some of the work!!

Hopefully, I will get back to writing more regularly and do a better job of writing.  I have things floating around in my head to write, just haven’t gotten time to put them on paper.  Soon…

Love you guys!








2 thoughts on “Here I am!! Did you Miss Me??!!!

  1. Hi, Vicki, thanks for following my blog. I’m glad I got a chance to hop over here and say hi. We thought about home schooling for a while, but with my depression, it was clear that wasn’t a good option for our family. (The kids are now at a Christian school, which has been a good fit for us.) So I admire you for being able to handle homeschooling your kids! Lots of work, but I’m sure it’s worth it. 🙂

    P.S.-I know nothing about gardening, so I have a question: what are beer traps? And do the slugs get drunk when they’re trapped?!


    1. homeschooling is not for everyone! I believe that God directed me clearly to homeschool the kids and that is why I am back at it. God is so good and its been good for all of us, we think.
      Beer traps for slugs are a small dish or saucer of cheap beer placed in the garden where slugs are. They like the beer but they drown! Not sure if they get drunk, hehe….

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