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Take This Job and Shove It……..

I sense the following is a promise to me and to someone reading this… “‘Be strong all ye people of the land’ says the Lord, ‘and work for I am with you’ says the Lord of Hosts”
(Haggai 2:4)

There are times when we exert energy but it wasn’t a season to really labor as hard as we did, and there are times we need to “work” because something needs to be done. At such times the Lord’s greatest promise is simply “I am with you.” This was the word to Haggai and the remnant who yearned to see God’s work manifest in their day.

Also true for many right now. “Work” for the Lord is with you”  Lance Wallnau- Oct.11, 2014 Facebook post.

I guess I am writing a continuation from last weekend’s post about work.  No- I still haven’t applied for any jobs.  I probably should have, but I just haven’t.

Now– I am thinking about the times we need to just work.  We have all had seasons when what we were doing wasn’t what we thought it should be.  It wasn’t even what we wanted to be doing.  But it needed doing and we needed to get it done.  I love what is said here: ” I am with you.”

Sometimes the work that needs doing isn’t something you get paid for.  It just needs doing so you get up and do it. Their dirty underwear and socks need washing.  The toilets need to be scrubbed.  The bathrooms at the church need cleaning.  The gardens at church, and at home need weeding.

Someone needs to do it and if you don’t do it who will??

We don’t always like the job we have in front of us to do, but sometimes it just needs doing.  So get it done.  I guess its a lesson I am teaching my kids.  Not one they particularly like, but well, its an important lesson to learn.

No, I don’t actually pay them for most of what they do.  They repaired, sanded, stained and painted the deck for me this summer.  They worked for hours.  I had them help me set up the gardens for a garden project this past summer.  Their sister had them help her build fences for her horses.  She pays in food.  I didn’t pay them anything.  It was a job that needed doing.

I said “Thank you so much boys!!  I totally appreciated your hard work.”

Important lessons we all need to learn and get a hold of.  Sometimes the work that needs doing, just needs doing.

The promise is this:  ‘and work for I am with you’ says the Lord of Hosts” 

Live with Him, For Him and He will be with you.  No matter what the job is- paid or unpaid.

Choose always the hardest.  Mother Theresa 




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