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Standing in the Gap

I went to church today.  It was a really good service.  But what our Pastor spoke on spoke directly to my heart.  I have been pondering this post ever since.  I could have written it hours ago, when we were all just sitting around.  I had the time, but wasn’t sure what to write.  Needless to say, here I am in the early morning hours writing this because I couldn’t sleep.  I should have just written the post!!

He didn’t speak directly about what hit me the most.  When he said it though, I knew it was an answer to serious cries to my Papa God for the kids around me.

You see, I have a lot of kids around me. You probably do to.  Some from Christian homes, some not.  I have seen some startling things happening around me in the kids’ choices.  Sometimes the kids from both types of homes make mistakes.  Big ones.  Small ones.  It doesn’t matter, mistakes are made, poor choices are chosen.  I am not singling out anyone.  It happens to us all sometimes.

Its what happens after the mistakes are made that bothers me the most.  Sometimes the kids continue to make more mistakes and more mistakes with bigger and bigger consequences.

To be clear here, I am not talking about the one time, big whammo mistake that happens sometimes.  I am clearly talking about the habitual offenders.  The ones who cannot seem to make a right choice to save their soul.  You know the ones I am referring to.  I have raised a few of them.  Some of my own kids and some of “my” kids who have grown up in my home.   Most come out of it on their own after learning from their mistakes.

The ones who cannot seem to make a right choice to save their soul’s trouble me.  These are the ones I have been praying about and for.  You see, I hate that the devil has such free reign in them.  I hate that they are making bad choices so consistently.

I want so badly for them to be able to make good, logical, wise decisions.

Over the years I have heard anguished parents plead with God for their children.  Sometimes saying something to the effect of Lord have your way.  Do whatever it takes.  I have not had a good feeling about that for quite awhile, but couldn’t figure out why.  I could not explain to anyone else why I felt that way.

Today I understood why.  Our Pastor talked on this scripture:

30 I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found [g]no one. 31 Thus I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; their way I have brought upon their heads,” declares the Lord God.  Ezekiel 22:30-31 Courtesy of

He brought up the idea that when we stand in the gap, we are contending WITH God.  Think about that.  Isn’t that why we stand in the gap?  We WANT God’s wrath to be averted, right?  Look at what it says, “I searched for a man”….  “But found no one”.

How sad is that.  There was NO ONE in all of the land who would be considered righteous even to stand in the gap for the people?

Think about Abraham.  He asked God if we would avert the destruction if there was 50 righteous, and then on down to 5.  He stood in the gap for the people of the land.  The only one who could maybe save the country was his relative Lot and his family.  Their number didn’t even add up to the 5 as I recall.

Abraham contended with God.  Moses contended with God for the lives of a disobedient people.

Our Pastor presented the idea that maybe, just maybe God WANTS us to contend with Him for the people- in this case, our kids.  Maybe just maybe, God wants us to stand in the gap for the people, (our kids are indeed people and they are our people) so that we can pray, contend, discuss, and maybe argue the matter with Him.

Picture a man, building up a wall that has a gap in it, and someone, an enemy, comes to try to break in that breach.  Turns out the enemy was sent by the King of the land to try to break through to see just how tough the protection really is.

Now let’s say the man stands firm and says, “You are not allowed in this way.  If you want to come in you MUST enter through the proper way.  You cannot enter here. You are not welcome here.  Go away.”  He may have to do some battle to get the intruder to get the point, but he stands firm and finally the enemy leaves.

The King has been secretly watching the action.  He comes forward and praises the man for the victory he has just won.  He gets a reward for protecting the wall.

What if the man had not stood firm in that gap?  What if the man had just stood aside and said, “Lord have your way.”  What if because no one would stand in the gaps in the now old and crumbling walls, that no one would take the time to repair, the King got very angry at the people?   The King is very disappointed in the man and allows the consequence of his actions to occur.  The King Himself breaks down the wall further and allows the enemy to have His way.  After all the man has done nothing to fight for what the King had given him.  The Wall, the City.  Its all His.

Finally, the entire city goes up in flames and all is ruined and destroyed.

What it was that struck me in the minute or so it took him to act out the “Lord have your way” action, was him standing aside and allowing the Lord’s anger to be poured out on the people for their bad choices.   I knew in that moment it was the answer to the prayer I had been praying for so long.

We Must stand in the gap for our children.  We cannot just stand by and say “Lord do whatever it takes”.  We have got to recognize the wrong teaching we have learned and apologize for listening to it.  Our kids need us to stand in the breach, build back up the wall to be a solid wall again and we MUST contend for our kids.

Ask God the best way you can pray for your children.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give you scriptures to pray for them.

I have learned that God is a much better protector of them than I am.  I cannot be with them all the time and now with the internet, Lord, just protect them! Its so hard to be a good parent now and keep your kids away from so many bad influences.  There are so many things that are not right with the world, that sometimes the only thing to do is pray.

God alerts me to pray for them when I need to, and I do.  There are times when all the prayer consists of is tears and snot.  I don’t know what they are doing, but God does.  He just wants me to contend with Him for these kids. He wants me to partner with Him to avert the destruction that is waiting to consume them. Sometimes they make bad choices and cause,  “their way He brought upon their heads”.

That breaks my heart.

Lord, I know that my little story here in this post is flawed, but please use it in a way that helps others understand what I really feel like You are highlighting here.  Papa God, I am so sorry for all the times I have prayed in ways that were not your ways for my kids.  Please forgive me for that, and rebuild the walls of protection around my kids.  Let all gaps be repaired right now God.  Give them Your words to pray for their kids.
Forgive me for stepping on toes and offending some, but Lord, let them search their hearts and, if I am right about this, show them so they can see.  If I am wrong about this, then I sincerely apologize to all who I have offended.  I truly believe this was from You and I thank you for this.  I Love You Papa God!  





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