Always in the Gap

Its a place we should be for our families.  In that gap…  Partnering with Him for our families.  Building up that wall of protection for our families.  Building up our families.  Standing firm on what is right.  20140831_143316-EFFECTS

Part of building up the wall, is making a choice to partner with Him.  When we do that, we make the choice to stand with Him and allow Him to influence us.  We choose to listen to Him and hear His voice for our children and our spouses.

Another part is talking to God about our families. Lord,I don’t know what to pray for my family, but you do.  I choose to partner with you and pray Your will for my family.  

Then listen.  Hear what He has to say for your family, your situation.  He might give you a scripture verse.  He might give you a word or a picture.  If your not sure about what He means, ask questions.  See what He shows you.  Trust that what you are seeing is from Him- You asked HIM-the Lord God Almighty- right?  He will be the one to answer you.

Now, before you go all analyzing, what was the very first thing you saw?  Most of the time, that is what the Lord was saying to you.  (I have a friend who taught me that and it works!)

Did you get a scripture verse?  Look it up.  Do you need more information?  Ask Him.  Sometimes you just have to take it on faith and in time, He will give you what you need.

Pray that scripture verse for your family.  Declare the Words of God- for your family.  Is there a particular need you have?  Declare that.  We have the authority- we are seated at the right hand of the Father in the heavenly places, (Ephesians 2:6) so make some declarations after you see what the Father wants you to pray and declare.

Here are some things I declare over my own family:

  • Lord, I declare Your will be done in my families lives.  I declare that they will fulfill the plans and purposes of God in their lifetimes.  They will be all God has created them to be and they will walk the path You have set before them.
  • These kids are Your kids, I trust that You know what is best for them  I trust that Your ways for my kids are higher than mine.  Lord, I want only Your will for each and every one.  I declare that my kids are hidden in the shelter of Your wings and they find refuge in You.
  • I declare that no parts of them are lost or stolen.  Any parts of them that are lost and stolen from any event in their past be restored now.  I declare that they are whole and healed and walking in the path that You Lord God have laid out for them.

Then if they or we are going through a hard time, I might pray Psalm 91.  I will choose the parts of the Psalm that are highlighted to me, or that seem most relevant to the situation and then insert the names into the Psalm.  For example,

Our family dwells in the shelter of the Most High
We abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2    We will say to the Lord, “You are our refuge and our fortress,
Our God, in whom we trust!”  Psalm 91:1-2  courtesy of

God Loves us very much.  We can trust Him to guide us and help us in all things.  Especially our families.

None of this is a magic formula.   Sometimes it takes some time for our kids to make good choices consistently.  It sure took me a long time and it may have taken you a long time.  Pray.  Believe.  Trust Him.  He’s got this.




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