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What’s Going on Around Here!

Its gonna be one of those posts…

Nothing real deep, just here it is..

What’s going on around here.

Tons again..  Like that’s abnormal!

I have read several things lately about the Duggars and how they “Make” their older children watch the younger kids.

Yes- I got on a quick rabbit trail.  Sorry.

How dare they teach their older kids to care for the younger kids.  How dare they encourage compassion and responsibility for others.  What ARE they thinking anyways??!!

Sunday the hubby and I left for the day.  Guess what we did?

We left.  There was a table full of teens and a couple of the younger kids.  We said- figure out who is going to be here with the younger kids and take care of it.

And left.

That was amazing!  That was not the first time, but it really doesn’t get old!  I had 20 or so years where I either couldn’t leave or had to jump through hoops to be able to leave.

Sunday we got up.  Got ready.  Said figure it out.  And left.

That is the goal of parenting/leadership.  To be able to teach the kids to be responsible and handle the job set before them.  The Duggars have it right.  I absolutely agree with the older kids being able and expected to take care of the younger kids.  I absolutely agree with kids needing to do jobs around the house.  Its called training for adulthood.

We went to a casino with my family for my Mother’s birthday.  It was not my first choice but we laughed a lot and had fun.  We each put in a dollar just to try it.  I threw my dollar away.  Should have just put it in a garbage can.    Hubby got 10 from his.  He would be the one to get something.  heehee….

Son 4 was in a competition for a play he had been a part of on Friday.  No- I again didn’t take pictures.  I am a lousy camera person.  (and that is why I don’t do a cool photography blog!!)  The play they did was amazing.  I was a little confused for a bit, but then it all came together and made me cry!  It was awesome!!  The critic came in after to talk to the group and he was blown away!  They wrote the play themselves and the other judges didn’t believe him.  It was that good.  They go on the the regional competition now next month and after that, the state competition.  I had no idea when he got involved in this what it was even about and he didn’t tell me.  In fact, I was beginning to not believe he was involved in anything.  I looked on the high school website and there was nothing about this. Boy, was I wrong!! (and relieved…)

At the shops, the Hubby is so excited to be getting lots of insurance work coming in.  Now they are working on building the new paint booth and bringing the auto body shop up to code and making the insurance companies happy.  (they really rule the world don’t they??)  The new paint booth and other changes will help grow the auto body shop.  There is also a new paint job happening on the building.  It looks amazing!!  My brother is doing an excellent job repairing and painting it.

Here at home, school is going well.  The kids are getting used to being home and getting their schoolwork done.  I want them to be independent as much as possible. That is my goal- to get them to WANT to learn and get their work done to the best of their ability, on their own.  So far, they are doing pretty well.  I have to give some reminders of course, but for the most part, they are doing exactly that.  We have finished, FINALLY, the “Little House on the Prairie” book and are moving into a unit on “Moving West”.   For science we are doing the Apologia science “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day”.  That is really interesting and we are liking that one.  So far we have learned a lot about birds.

They are working on the natural gas lines outside and soon we will have natural gas hooked up to the house.  That will be amazing!  We have propane here currently and of course you all know about the shortage that happened last year.  The cost of propane skyrocketed!! Then of course, we have the oldest furnace/boiler ever- paired with an ancient hot water heater.  Both will be replaced when the lines come in.   That will help cut our bills!!  I am excited about that- just not the part about paying for it all to get done.

Then what am I up to?  Keeping everything rolling as usual.  Writing.  I have a couple of projects I am working on.  I am hoping to have one done by Christmas, but we will see.  Maybe I will put a preview here when I get more done.  In November I am trying a Novel writers workshop.  It looks like it will be a fun way for me to learn more about writing and get me on track to spend the time I need to improve my writing.

I am also working more with the Young Living essential oils.  I am doing my first class ever this weekend.  I am excited and a bit nervous about it, but I think it will be fun.   I am hoping to get a few regular customers out of the class.  That would be a nice help right now.

Lastly, the chickens are doing well.  Still not laying much but they are healthy.   All the meat chickens are in the freezer along with 7 old hens that will make yummy soup!  That leaves me with 17 hens- 7 of which are currently laying.  The new batch won’t start til January or so.  Maybe not even until it starts to warm up again in spring.  Next year we should be getting a good crop of eggs.

And that’s mostly it for now.

Have an amazing day.




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