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What a WEEK!!

I intended to write more about the topics I wrote on last week because there was so much more to be written.  I intended to continue on that thread- it was really good!

I intended to write more this week.  Get more posts done.  Get more writing done on the project I have been working on.

I intended to get some yard work done, some school work done.  Some cleaning- what a novel idea…. Cleaning.  I haven’t even cooked much this week!  There aren’t many leftovers this week for lunches.

Instead- I got to watch a friends baby for a couple of days.  She was so fun!  The kids had a blast with her and so did I.  Some cleaning did get done then.  The vacuuming and sweeping. Quickly.   The baby crawls!!  It had to be done!

Instead- we went on a field trip with some friends to the art museum.  It was really cool to see the paintings of the Italian greats.  They were absolutely beautiful!  Last son noticed that the painted clothing looked real!  Next to last son wouldn’t notice anything, not even the mythological paintings- a topic he likes!  Last daughter noticed that her friend was there.  I noticed that the Italian greats didn’t worry about such things as modesty- they considered the human body was beauty in itself.  And that the people were not thin little twigs that we currently see everywhere.

Interesting thought- they saw beauty.  In our society today, we see nakedness, we think sex and perversion.  Most of time it is, I will not disagree.  Something to ponder…

After that we went to lunch at Chick-Fil-a.  We had never been and we got to spend the time there with other homeschooling moms and their kids.  That was so good,  we thoroughly enjoyed the time.  We talked, we laughed we compared stories and parenting tips.  We planned and plotted some ideas for next year.  The kids climbed and ran in the play area.  They were all so good and played so well!  It was therapeutic.

This weekend, Son 4 gets to perform his groups play at the regional competition.  He is so excited and should be!  They have done an amazing job with this play and could potentially go all the way to the state level with it.  The group of kids wrote it and have been practicing after school all year so far.  They are having a blast and learning a lot! I am so excited for him.

Oh- and tonight I get to attend a dehydrating class.  My gardening partner is leading a class about how to dehydrate produce for storage- she is a dehydrating GURU!!!  Looking forward to that.  May write about some of the things I learn next week.

I am speaking on Sunday night at our prayer seminar.  No, I still don’t have down what I am going to be speaking on.  I have some scribbled down notes somewhere, but that’s it.  Hopefully I will get some time later today to write it all out in some sort of order.  Which, when I begin speaking, won’t actually happen that way, but its a good thought!

Its so funny when I think about just a few years ago, I wouldn’t say boo in front of a crowd of people.

God is so good!

Maybe this weekend I will get some cleaning done and yard work and writing. Maybe the kids will be around a little more to get some things done with me.  The older kids are just as busy lately, leaving the younger kids to pick up the slack.  They can do it, it just takes a little longer and more repeats of “did you get that part of the job done? No? Then go back and do that.” Frustrating, but necessary I guess.  They do need to learn how to get the job done completely.

How do you get everything done that needs to get done when life gets busy?  I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments.

Have a great day here it looks as if we will finally have a sunny day! HOORAY!!  That helps improve things too doesn’t it??!!





2 thoughts on “What a WEEK!!

  1. Well, Simon said,”The best part of the day was Chick Fil a, the chicken was really good” Julia said “the chicken was really good” I said what did you think about the paintings they both said “it was o.k. Funny hu???


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