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Lead Me Not Into Temptation…


Lead me not into temptation... Oh who am I kidding. FOLLOW ME I know a shortcut #lovepleasure

So many of us homeschooling moms have gone through this sort of “expectation” I guess you could call it.  Some of us never break out of it.  Others, are more like this saying I found on pinterest or somewhere.

(There are so many “memes” they call them, floating around.)

I tend to resemble this one, way too many times.  I should apologize for that I suppose..

My friend gave me so many things to think about in her comments on my posts from last week, one point I wanted to bring up and mention more about here was this one:  The expectation that as a christian homeschool mom, you get up early, clean the house, bake the bread, cook a healthy breakfast all long before the sun is up.  Don’t forget in that you must spend time in prayer and devotions.  Then you get your always smiling children up from their beds quite early, to eat all their healthy breakfasts and begin doing their chores.

Of course those chores are done without reminders or whines.  Then school starts like clockwork at 8 am.

Everyone dressed and happy.   Hair done.  Teeth brushed.  Quietly and happily they do all their school work before noon so that the afternoon can be spent in good wholesome activities that are acceptable.  Like cleaning your house.  Cooking an elaborate dinner.  Preparing your Sunday school lessons.

Yea… “Follow Me.. I know a shortcut!”

I tried that for a time.  I couldn’t take it.  I am not cut out that way and just do not thrive in that schedule.  I don’t wake up with a smile on my face and only a couple of my kids actually do.  I don’t want to talk to anyone and as far as baking bread right away when I get up??  Oh Lord, don’t make us eat that!!

Some people do and may the Lord bless you!!  My kids were much happier when I gave in and just did what worked for us.  I and my husband were much happier.

Now, we follow our own “Shortcut”.  We do school when we get started.  They all have their assignments and do them.  With reminders.  A Lot of Reminders.  Sometimes its late afternoon and we get some things done.  Sometimes its mid morning and we get a good day of schooling in.

We do chores together or separate whichever is needed.  There is whines and arguments.  Sometimes.

We do on occasion bake.  Not bread.  I am not good at that and Aldi has a very nice loaf already for me.  If I want home baked bread, there is Rhodes dough.  But, generally the day old rack at Wal Mart has a good selection that I can just warm up.  We like cookies and brownies.

Breakfast they can get on their own.  Cereal is easy enough and if they want a hot breakfast, some of them know how to heat up oatmeal or even fry an egg.  I have to cook supper most of the time, that’s enough for me!  For lunch, eat the leftovers or make yourself a sandwich.

Yes, we do have some sort of schedule.  I find that it works well for me.  Its not set in stone, its just a habit. Breakfast is in the morning.  Sometime before 10 generally.  Lunch is at noon, mostly because the hubby comes home for lunch.  (And quite frankly, many times I have forgotten to eat much for breakfast and I am starving by now!!)

Snack is about 3 or so.  Unless we forgot.  Dinner is at 6 pm most nights.  It just works best that way so that everyone knows the time and will get home and eat.  I like, I mean really like, eating dinner together.   I love hearing the chatter and talking about the day or whatever is on their minds.

Finally its bedtime.  For the younger kids, 9.  The older kids mostly start to make their way to bed around 10.

Here is my point in all of this:  Do what works for you.  If you love to bake bread- Praise the Lord and make bread all your little heart desires!!

If you are stressing about every little thing, stop.  Stop what you are doing right now.  Figure out what is causing you the most stress and taking away all your joy.  What do you need to do to bring peace back into your life?

Here is a saying you might want to remember:  If its not Righteousness, Peace and Joy, then stop it.  Don’t do it.  Find out what gives you righteousness, peace and joy.

Make the schedule that works for YOU and your family.  Get up early or late. I don’t care.  Do you spend time in prayer and reading the Bible or a devotion? Great- I don’t care if its in the morning or in the afternoon or at night before bed.  Praise the Lord you get to do that!

God doesn’t really worry about it either.  God has made us all and made us all to be in HIS image.  We are not all cookie cutter little people.  Some of us listen to rock music.  Some of us listen to country music.  Some of us love to read Stephen King.  Some of us love to read Dee Henderson.  Some of us love to dehydrate foods and make amazing things with that.  Some of us even love to cook amazing meals.

We are different.  And that is amazing in itself!




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