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Twas The Night Before…..

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The classic Christmas story done by Tasha Tudor.  One of my favorite children's authors/illustrators.
The classic Christmas story done by Tasha Tudor. One of my favorite children’s authors/illustrators.

Yea, apparently not even the mice in this house.  We have put out multiple traps. 3 different kinds, and still no mice caught.

That is just bizarre.

I was sitting in my bed reading one night when I saw one strolling down the wall, under the heat run.  We tore my room apart and found no sign of mice and, unfortunately, no mouse.  The dogs were in my room along with my older kids and none of us found anything.  (well- my daughter found 2 fleas on her dog.  While sitting on MY BED!!)

The very next night, I was reading in the living room, when another mouse did the same thing, ran along the wall under the heat run!  Seriously!!!  And we again found NOTHING!

Then the NEXT night (!!!!!)  the dog had a mouse trapped in the desk.   3 people. 3 dogs.  1 cat.  1 mouse.  Again, things pulled apart to catch the mouse aaannnndddd…. Nothing.  The cat was freaked out about being in the house, and was apparently full because he had no interest in a free snack!  The dogs didn’t get it.  Neither did the people.

So far, mice are winning this game.  mouse_gif__fail__by_pinaguitaa-d5zyhz8

Today, the hunters come!  We have 2 cats who are apparently good hunters coming to live at our house.  We haven’t had indoor cats in years.  Its not my favorite thing, but, if they can catch the mice, they can stay!  Their names are “Louie” and “Sammy”.  mousehole2

This saga will be continued….






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