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Christmas is About Buying Stuff. LOTS of STUFF

I am getting irritated with the amount of “Buy my stuff because its the day you are supposed to buy my stuff” ads in my inboxes.

Yes- I realize that I can unsubscribe and get rid of all that junk.  I haven’t yet.  I don’t know why.  It seems that I kind of want the ads there.


I am not actually gonna buy many of the books that are on 5 of the ads.

I am maybe gonna buy stuff from some of the department store ads.

I might buy stuff from the financial guys ads.  Maybe.  Well, it could happen.  I already have most of the stuff there, do I really need more?  But the contest..  I could win the contest if I maybe buy something from there!!

Then of course if I read through my spam filter I could buy any number of inappropriate junk that I must need.

I just cannot believe the amount of buy me stuff I am being bombarded with right now.  We didn’t even remember to pick up the Sunday paper from the shop yesterday, so that we could be bombarded with the ads that are HUGE- like novel sized!

I understand the whole buy my stuff so that we can make lots of money this month and end the year on a good note.  We are small business owners.  We know and understand the concept.

However, there is a point when it crosses that line and just become obnoxious.

It has crossed that line.  Its totally obnoxious!  I know that next spring when the rummage sales start, I will be able to purchase most of that stuff that was “needed” now because its on sale, from your rummage sale for little or nothing.

In January, most of that same stuff will be on clearance or at Goodwill, and I could purchase it for little or nothing.

Now- don’t get me wrong, I do buy presents for my family.  Kind of a lot of presents really.  3 separate gift exchanges happen every year, as a matter of fact.  I try hard to make sure every one has gifts.  Sometimes I fail miserably.  I keep a notebook with it all written in so that I can attempt to make sure its all covered.

I also “accidentally” end up with a few extra things that aren’t really gifts.   You know how that happens.  Its on SALE!!  Even I fall into that trap.

What makes it even more comical to me, is that it is not politically correct to say Merry Christmas.  Aren’t we buying gifts for each other BECAUSE it is Christmas and it is an out of control tradition??!!

I am trying hard to stay in a reasonable budget for Christmas.  I think, really, that I agree with Dave Ramsey on this one.  We need to set a reasonable budget and stick to it.  If it helps to delete some ads from my inbox, I will do that.  If I don’t see it, I won’t know its out there and then won’t have to buy it right??

I need to go unsubscribe from a whole bunch of stores.  I really don’t know how in the world I ended up with quite so many. One at a time I suppose.  Each one asks when you check out or when you buy something online.  Inevitably you end up with a whole lot of ads in your inbox.

Keep it real this Christmas.  Enjoy your Holiday because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and that is the real meaning of Christmas!  God’s gift to us.. Don’t every lose sight of that!






2 thoughts on “Christmas is About Buying Stuff. LOTS of STUFF

  1. I got really annoyed this year about Black Friday starting on THANKSGIVING DAY. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it makes me sad that on the radio for all intents and purposes it’s just an opportunity for Super Hot Shopping Deals.

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