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Write the Words He Has Given You To Write

My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.  Psalm 45:1

“Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Write all the words which I have spoken to you in a book.  Jeremiah 30:2

I will stand on my guard post
And station myself on the rampart;
And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me,
And how I may reply [a]when I am reproved.
Then the Lord answered me and said,
Record the vision
And inscribe it on tablets,
That [b]the one who [c]reads it may run.
“For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It [d]hastens toward the goal and it will not [e]fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.  Habakkuk 2:1-3

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [a]He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. John 1:1-4

(all verses NASB courtesy of

Novembers Novel Writers month is over.  It was a good challenge, that I did not complete.  The problem for me is that I allow other things to take precedence over what I really should have been working more on.  Yes, I have a family that needs me to be present, but that sometimes becomes the excuse rather than the reason.

This week I have heard something to encourage me to keep working at the writing, almost every day since about Saturday.  Keep trying to make the time to write.  Keep focusing on what God has placed in you to write down.  Stay abiding with Jesus so you can write.

Today, it was another blogger who wrote this amazing post-  “5 Writing Quotes to Keep You Inspired During the Busiest Month of The Year”     When I read this one, I felt like it was just for me.

So I went and found some scriptures that I have read in the past, that speak to me about writing things down and added them to this post.  It will help me, I hope, stay focused on what I am supposed to be doing here.  To keep me united with Him.  To write what He has called me to write.

What scriptures is God highlighting to you to keep you focused on your own calling??  Your own purpose?




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