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Makin a List, Checkin it Twice….

Not really gonna find out who is naughty and nice.

I already know.

I have on my list of things to do this week; make the Christmas list and organize what I have already, add what I need to get or ideas.

I actually should make 3 separate lists so that I get every gift exchange covered.

One needs to be homemade gifts.  (Gotta spend some time on my Pinterest page to find that perfect hand made gift that will look just like the one on Pinterest.- yea, cuz I’m crafty like that!! hehe…)

One list needs to be gifts that you know the person will love, because you have known that person all your life.  (well at least for 25 years or so and that’s the same thing!)  If you don’t know that person, you had better get to know that person so that you get a good gift that is perfect for them.

My person still gave me a specific item.  sigh…..   Apparently, he doesn’t want to get to know me more, or want me to get to know him.

Lastly, I have my list of people who need gifts just because I love them and they are mine.  All mine.  Well, except the ones I share with the hubby.  And the ones who have made me mad and I don’t like very much right now.  The hubby can have those.

That should make my list much smaller.  hehee…  Though, by Christmas, I will probably like them again.  It could happen.

I try very hard to keep every list straight and get it all, but I will tell you, its hard sometimes!  I want very much to give gifts, since I really don’t do a lot of gift giving through the year.  (2 of my most recent birthday boys are still waiting for their birthday gifts..) Sometimes I fail miserably and end up buying something at the day after Christmas sales.  Much cheaper, but still frustrating.

Add to that, St Nick night, which is this Friday.  I understand, we here in Southeastern Wisconsin, are really the only ones who celebrate St. Nick on Dec. 5th.  We have always done it, so we can’t skip this one.  They remember and have been reminding me daily since the week before Thanksgiving, so I can’t “forget” this one!!

I will be taking donations all month!! hehe…  I am a Dave Ramsey fan, but my Christmas budget was never added to.

(And, no, I do NOT have any credit cards! – thanks Dave Ramsey!)

The money just got used up in other ways, and yes, we did have quite a year already.   I will have to do a post called the year in review.  That one will take a bit.

Don’t worry, I am being funny, we will have money for Christmas.  I will get the presents.  All will be fine!  It happens every year, and somehow, we make it through.

Enjoy your December activities!  Make your lists and be sure to check them twice.

What does your family do for presents?  How do you keep things in budget??





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