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I Need Another….

Horse Daughter has been gone at Equine Dentistry school for just over a week.  She is having a great time, being challenged and learning a lot.

I am tired….  The boys are helping with the horses and the animals.  But there is still a lot for me to handle on my own.  Even with their help.

The dogs are doing great.  Except for one who keeps finding the ickiest muck to roll his face in.  Then comes looking repentant to my door. Which reminds me, I need a dog washing sprayer in the downstairs shower.  Buckets from the sink to the shower are kind of awkward…  and kind of a pain.

I have decided that Horse Daughter cannot leave again for 2 weeks unless she has trained   up her replacement or I have a Julio.

“A Julio”???  You ask.

First of all, a disclaimer.  This is not a politically correct post.  Nor is it a good christian woman post.  It is meant to be tongue in cheek.    Now is a good time to stop reading if you are going to not have a sense of humor from this point on…


A Julio.  A man.  A man who does whatever I need done.  He is available whenever I need a man to do whatever jobs there are to be done.

Isn’t that what any woman really wants??

Let me explain…..  Since we have moved here and started our little hobby farm, we have had lots of jobs that need doing.  Chicken coops to build.  Gardens to start.  Horse fences, shelters and all sorts of other stuff.

One day, I was explaining to the Hubby the list of jobs that need doing.   He was a little overwhelmed.  You see, he works about 70 hours a week at his shops.

I have boys, but they work on cars and are available for the big projects.  They are awesome for all of those.

Its all the ” little but bigger than me and Horse Daughter can handle” projects.

I looked at him and said, “I need a man.  You have 3 men who work for you.  I just want one.  You should be able to get me that.”

He laughed.  I was serious.

Sort of.

It has kind of grown from there.  He needs to be able to do whatever I ask.  Bring me drinks with umbrellas whenever I want one and look good while doing it.  Preferably does not wear a shirt.  Has a well muscled body…

I know.  I know….  It may be taken out of context……

I just want him to look good and do all the projects and jobs that I have to get done.

Is that really too much to ask???

I hope you are laughing with me at this one..  It is meant to be funny….

If not..  Have a nice day.. Maybe you will like tomorrow’s post better.





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