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Christmas Memories

The Artistic Christian is having a contest about favorite Christmas memories.  He posted a reminder today, and I thought again about this one:

We lived at the farm and it had been a hard year for us.  There wasn’t much money for Christmas so Mom and Dad went to St Vincent’s for our presents.

They found ski’s and bows and arrows and some other things I suppose, but that is what I most remember.  I believe there were some ice skates as well.

I was ecstatic!  I think we all were.  We had never had ski’s before. We had never had our own bows and arrows before..

There was LOTS of snow that year so we strapped on those ski’s and tried them out.  I have no idea what kind they were, downhill, cross country.  Whatever.  It didn’t matter.

There were a couple of pairs of ski boots too as I recall.  We spent the day trying them out on our little “barn hill” we called it.  It was that slope that barns have to get the wagons and such to the upper part of the barn.  Not very high but high enough for us to try out those ski’s.

Then we set up a target inside the barn and practiced with those bows.  There were a couple of different kinds but the one I recall best was the recurve bow. It was my favorite.

We shot and shot those arrows down the aisle of the barn into, mostly, that target.

We had so much fun and used those gifts for years!  Later on, one of the pairs of little ski’s, I refinished and painted and gave to my baby brother.

It was the best Christmas ever actually.  I know now, that my parents were so worried.   They were not sure how we would react to used presents.  Funny, now, we all cherish that one Christmas more than any other.

Its not about buying the perfect gift.  Its about the love IN that gift.



I have got to add a PS…..

I made my mother cry….


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