books I love!

More Books I LOVE!!

We just got done reading a book about George Washington Carver.  Fabulous!

His life story is just amazing!

This is the book we read.
This is the book we read.

He did not speak until he was almost 10 but he was not stupid.   He was very close to God and he would hear God’s words in his head long after they had been read to him.  In one story in the book, he recalled “Lift up thine eyes.” and that day, when he was working in the orchard, he did that and saw that there was death in the trees.  He couldn’t speak, so he eventually had to get it out himself.   They were shocked to see that he had seen something so deadly in the trees, but they hadn’t.

But he was like that.

He could grow things that others could not. He taught, even at a young age, a neighbor how to grow plants around her house.  Later, it was said of him that he could grow corn on a wood floor!

At 10, he was sent, on his own, 8 miles to town to go to school.  He had no one to live with there and no job so he had to find himself a place to sleep and a job.  At 10!!!  He did.  He slept for that winter, in a barn in the hay, until in the spring, the farmer finally found him there and gave him a bed and a room to sleep in.  He worked his way through that winter and fed himself and went to school on his own.

Then he heard that there was a better school in a nearby town so he got himself there and again, found a home eventually, and worked his way through high school.  That in itself was unheard of at that time!  A black man going to high school!  Yet he did.  He loved school.

Then he went on to college.  The first he went to, didn’t realize he was black and so when he got himself there, spending all his money to do so, no he didn’t get a refund, he was denied because he was black.

Eventually, he found his way to college, Iowa State as a matter of fact, where he could not live in the dorms because he was black.  But he went through college, graduated eventually, and then became a teacher at the school.

Booker T. Washington had started a college for blacks during this time, down in Tuskegee Alabama.   He sent George a letter asking him to come and help.  George went.

(side note: Booker T. Washington is another world changer I would highly recommend you reading about. )

Once there, is where George Washington Carver began to change the world!  He taught the blacks and the farmers around the area, new ways to raise crops.   He did not only teach his students, but also the farmers and their wives along the way.  Eventually, the cotton crop failed miserably, and he taught them to raise peanuts in place of cotton.

Well, so many did that they couldn’t sell the peanuts.  So George and God, his ever constant lab partner,  went into the lab and began working.  6 days and nights, they were in there learning new ways to use the peanuts.

George Washington Carver was a scientist who changed the world because he listened and heard God.   He talked with God and learned from Him.  All of creation speaks of the one who created it, if we could only listen.  George’s life and work shows us that science and God are very much connected.

We have so much to learn from those who have gone before us.  We are so smart, yet sometimes, we are missing so much.




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