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What Are Essential Oils Anyways??

Essential oils have been used for centuries.   Think about when you walk past your overgrown mint plant.  When you move the plant, the smell of the mint is released into the air and you can smell it.  Think about that Lilac bush that has the overpowering scent every May.  Now think about the emotions that those sorts of smells evoke in you.  They smell good and produce, typically good feelings.  How about when you peel an orange and that essence gets all over your hands and it smells so good and delicious.

Now think about  how teas and herbs are used currently.  Think about how supplements are created from those plants.  Think about how we use plant based supplements and teas all the time to create good feelings, better health and even to clean our homes.

Essential oils are the very essence of those plants.  The oils are extracted using various methods depending on the plant and then concentrated using a steam distillation process.  These oils then are more powerful than the usual teas and supplements.  These oils now are very potent and should be used with some cautions.

Cautions that I forget sometimes.

For one, Peppermint can actually cause a burn if not mixed well.  If it is used in your water to drink, you might want to use a straw and stir it frequently.  I do like to use peppermint in my water and one way I do that is in a larger water bottle, preferable glass or metal, shaking it frequently to disperse the oils.

Water causes the oils to go deeper so if you are experiencing a burning sensation on your skin, use some oil to disperse and dilute the oils.

Use caution when beginning to use the oils as sometimes a pretty severe reaction can occur.  For example, when beginning to use Lemon oil in your water, something many of us do frequently as it is a good gentle cleanse for your liver, start with maybe one drop in your water once a day.  See how your body reacts.  If you seem to do fine with that, add another if you like.   Keep in mind that your body stores toxins in your liver and when they are released they can cause an adverse reaction.

Typically, essential oils can be used in three ways:  diffusing, ingesting, and massaging into the skin.  All must be done with some cautions however, as some should not be ingested.  Some may cause you adverse reactions depending on your body type.  And some should be used topically only with diluted oils as they can cause painful burning sensations.

Interestingly enough, oils can be found to produce the same results as ingesting or topically, just by inhaling the fragrance of the oils.  Some examples would be:  Lavender diffused in a room for calming purposes.  Lavender can also be used to kill viruses and combat disease.  Peppermint can be stimulating and it can open airways when you have a cold.

I have talked a little about oils that can be ingested, peppermint and lemon, but there are lots of others that can be used internally to produce effective healing results.  For example, using ginger as a dietary supplement.  Add a drop to a vegetarian capsule and take as you would any other supplement.  You could also add it to your water.  Ginger is a digestive aid, as most of us know.  If we have an upset stomach, many of us reach for ginger ale or tea.  With essential oils, one drop would be all you would need to use.

Use caution however, and be sure to read about the oils you want to take internally.  For one, be sure that the oils you want to use internally are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils.   Many oils are just for the aroma and are not pure, unadulterated oils.

There are many other uses for essential oils.  I haven’t even touched on massage techniques, of which there are several.    If you are interested in learning more about the oils or sampling some for yourself, feel free to comment or check out my Young Living website:




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