A Homeschooling Post

I scheduled my blog topics for this month.  Thought I would try something new.  Organizing.  My blog topics that is.  I am pretty good about organizing lots of other things, just not things that are not concrete, like kitchen utensils.

Writing and blogging are not concrete. They are abstract and, well, can be a bit harder to put into an organized plan.  You have to actually schedule some things so that you can actually get something done.  Weird I know..

Today was to be my homeschooling post.  It is now 10 pm and I am just now getting to write it.  I couldn’t think of what to write about this morning.    Tonight, I thought I would just write about what what we have been doing.  Mostly so that I stick to the plan and keep writing.

First of all, I have worked hard to get some goals and thoughts down for our next semester.  I have some topics of study and book ideas down.   I think we will continue what we have been doing, but be more focused on getting facts down, improving our writing, and improving our skills.

(by the way, goals, planning things out, scheduling, all things that are sort of new for me.  Funny, I am finding that it actually works pretty well sometimes! )

We have been studying westward expansion so the books I have been reading are mostly from the 1800’s or so.  This week we started reading the Holling Clancy Holling book, “Tree in the Trail”.  One of our favorites!  His books are historically and geographically correct and beautifully illustrated.   I also want to read “Orphan Train”, “Caddie Woodlawn”, “Thomas Alva Edison” and “Abe Lincoln”.  There will be others but these are the ones I have on the shelf.

In our house, each one has his or her own language arts and math at his or her own level.  Science and history and Bible are all done together, just adjusted for each level and interest.  It just keeps things simple for me.

I also would like to get some art and music in there too.  Two things that often get overlooked for most of the year.  In general, summer has been the time to do art projects. Typically, I have liked the messy ones that just work better outside.  Somewhere along the line I have grown up and don’t even like to do the messy ones anymore!  I don’t know for sure when that happened, but it seems to have actually happened.  Needless to say, we have not done much art in the summers or through the school year, so I will try to incorporate that into our next semester.

Tonight, we attempted flour tortillas, (or gorditas, as my son in laws family calls them,) as part of our lesson about westward expansion.  In our History Pockets lesson this week, we were taught about how in the southwest, tortillas were a common food.  We thought they were delicious!  And actually, not that hard to make!!

Here are some pictures of us making them.  I didn’t think to take pictures until the dough was all rolled out into balls.  I am making progress though, I did actually take a few!


Blessings,  Vicki


20150107_174029 20150107_173626


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