Saturday Stories

In trying hard to keep up with my blog calendar idea, I am giving you a story day.  Let me know what you think.  Should I publish this or not??


It is horse show day.  Barney and Joy Rose have been practicing and working a whole year for this day. Now, Joy Rose is up early to give Barney a bath.  He needs to be clean for the show.  She carefully and thoroughly soaps him up.  She has a bucket of soapy water just for the job.

Barney knocks the bucket over.

“Oh Barney!  We must get you clean for the horse show!” Joy Rose scolds.  She refills the bucket and keeps scrubbing.  She cleans his legs and body.  Then she cleans his mane and tail.  Finally, the bath is done.

“Barney, we have to brush your mane.  We want it to look nice today.  Please stand still.”

Barney can’t stand still!

Barney getting ready for the horse show. photo courtesy google images.

Joy Rose brushes out his tail.  He has a long thick tail.  She brushes until it is nice and smooth.  She braids it so it stays nice for the show.

Now it’s time to go.  Joy Rose leads Barney into the trailer.  He goes right in.  Good Boy Barney!

Hay.  Check.

Saddle. Check.

Blanket. Check.

Bridle. Check.

Show clothes. Check.

All set.  Off to the show.

Barney munches on hay as they ride to the show.  MMMMMM…. Yum!

Barney’s ears twitch.  “What’s this?”  He thinks.  This place looks interesting.

“We are here!!”  Joy Rose sings. “Come on out Barney.  Let’s go to your stall.”

Whoops!  Barney is so excited he trots off without Joy Rose!  “Barney! Come back!”

Joy Rose caught up to Barney and takes the lead rope.  She leads him to the stall that will be his for much of this day.

“This is so exciting”, Barney thinks as he peers out of his stall door.  There are lots of new people and horses.

Joy Rose says, “I’ll be right back Barney. I have to go sign us in for the show.”

Barney watches her walk away.  “Come Baaack!”  He calls out to her in a horsey neigh.  He is a little worried about her leaving him.

“What are you yelling about?” snaps a grumpy black horse across the aisle.

“What’s the matter?  Are you ok?” said the motherly mare next door.

“What happened?  What’s happening?  I’m scared.  This is so scary. Your loud.” Said the nervous pinto on the other side of Barney.

“Just reminding Joy Rose to hurry back.” Said Barney. And he introduced himself to his new friends.

“I’m Bob.” Said the grumpy black horse.

“I am Nana.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The friendly mare said.

“I’m Elsie.” Said the pinto nervously.

After the introductions were made, hay was munched and a proper examination of the surroundings was done.  Barney liked his new stall.  It was just the right size.  The new friends were nice too.

He found that the mare was very kind and encouraging.  Bob just turned his back on them all and silently ate his hay.  The pinto, Elsie, paced in her stall.  She muttered to herself all the while, “I can’t. I can’t eat.  Where is she?  She should be back.”

The mare tried to encourage her but she would not listen.

Elsie let out a loud, “NNNNOOORRA!” that sounded like a whinny.

“I am right here you silly horse.”  Nora said as she popped out from around the corner.

“Oh good.  I was so worried.”  Said Elsie in nickers and neighs.

Nora let herself in the stall and stroked Elsie.  “It’s ok Elsie.  You’re fine.”

Elsie calmed down a little, quit pacing her stall, and sighed into Nora’s shoulder, “I missed you.”

“I am right here, Elsie.  Now let’s get ready for the show.”

Elsie calmed down with Nora there.  She quietly let Nora get her ready for her class at the show.

Barney watched Elsie and Nora and calmly ate his hay.  “Where is Joy Rose?” He thought.

Just then, Joy Rose came back to the stall.  “Good boy, Barney,” she coo’d to him.  Barney smiled a horsey smile and rubbed his nose into her arm.  She giggled and rubbed his nose.  They had been best friends ever since she had seen him a year ago.  They loved each other very much!

Barney loved her almost as much as he loved fresh green grass.  And she just loved him.

They had been working hard all year to come to this show.  Their very first show together.

Barney wasn’t nervous.  Well, not much.

Joy rose wasn’t nervous. Well, not much.

Joy Rose fiddled with his forelock.  She wanted it to look just right. Then she brushed his body till it shined.  Barney was a chestnut colored horse. He had a white blaze down his face and 3 white stockings.  Every other part of him was a nice, bright, chestnut brown.

Joy Rose told him again how beautiful he was and he believed every word.

Carefully, Joy Rose inspected Barney’s feet.  First, she lifted each one and made sure each was perfectly cleaned.   She looked at the top of each hoof and made sure they were nice and neat.

Next, she pulled out Barney’s best halter and lead rope and placed the halter on his head.  She made a few more adjustments and laid his forelock just so.  Then it was time to go.

They waited together in a little area.  There were several other horses there but Barney didn’t care.  He had Joy Rose with him.  He looked around at all the other horses and then laid his head on Joy Rose.  She fiddled with his forelock again.  They were ready!

“It’s our turn Barney” she whispered.  “Let’s do our best.” Barney nodded his head.

Once in the ring the judge looked them.  He saw Barney’s beautiful coat. His strong healthy body. His feet placed exactly where they should.  His eyes watching everything and his ears perked up.  The judge saw Joy Rose standing just so, doing her best to show the judge her best friend.

The Judge looked at all the horses.  He looked at their legs and feet.  He looked at their bodies.  He looked a long time.  Finally, he made a decision.

Barney and Joy Rose waited patiently as all the places were called.

Then they heard, “And first place goes to Barney and Joy Rose!”  Barney nodded his head and Joy Rose beamed!  Their year of hard work had paid off.  They had won!

They took their ribbons and walked out of the ring.  Joy Rose threw her arms around Barney’s neck and gave him a big hug!  “We did it, Barney!”

She led him back to the stall.  “But we aren’t done yet,” she said.

Now she put the blanket on his back and lifted the newly shined saddle on top of the blanket. Carefully, she adjusted every part to make sure it was perfectly comfortable on Barney’s back.  She reached under his belly and pulled up the cinch strap and tightened it just so.  Then she brushed his hair all around the saddle so it looked perfect.  She wiped off some dust and adjusted and fiddled until it was all perfect.  She took her time because she wanted Barney to look his best and be comfortable.

He turned and rubbed his lips on her shirt.  “Okay Barney.  I know. I’m fussing too much.”  She smiled and patted her horse.  His nose pushed into her hand to say “It’s perfect.  Thank you.”

Joy Rose got the bridle and carefully inserted the bit into his mouth.  She pulled the bridle over his head and pulled his ears through the holes.  She carefully pulled his forelock through and laid it on his head just so.  She fastened each strap on the bridle and made sure each part fitted Barney comfortably.  She didn’t want anything to bother him and make him sore.

Then she fixed and fiddled with each part one more time and led him to the staging area once again.  Patiently they waited there until there class was called.   She mounted her horse and rode him into the ring.

“Walk your horses.” The announcer called.

Barney and Joy rose walked around the ring.

“Trot your horses.”  The announcer called out.

Barney and Joy Rose trotted around the ring.

“Walk your horses and reverse.” The announcer called out.

The announcer called out several more times.  Walk.  Trot. Reverse.

Barney did everything perfectly.  Joy Rose smiled.  They were doing their best.  It was so exciting to be here in this ring.  Joy Rose sat tall in her saddle.  Heels down, hands just above the cantle just as she had been taught.  Without any visible movement she told Barney just what she wanted him to do and he did whatever she asked.  They went around and around the ring.

Finally, they lined up in the middle of the ring.  The judge carefully looked them all over one more time.  Then, he decided.  Each place was called.  Joy Rose and Barney waited patiently as each name was called.

They won 2nd place!  Joy Rose was so proud of Barney!

They rode off and gathered up their ribbon and went back to their stall.  They were done for today.

She removed his saddle and blanket.  She removed the bridle and put a halter back on his head.  She rubbed down his body and told him what a good boy he was.  “I’m so proud of you” she whispered in his ear.  He nickered back to her, “I love you too.”

He said good bye to his new friends and they went to the trailer to go home.

At home, Joy Rose led him to his pasture and took his halter off.  He ran and ran around and around the pasture.  It was so good to be back home!  He bucked a few times and then ran some more.  He laid down and rolled.  Then settled in to eat some of his favorite food.

Joy Rose hung her ribbons on her bedroom wall.  Her first ribbons!

That night as she laid in bed and thought about her day, she prayed as she did every night.  “Thank you God for my horse Barney.” And closed her eyes.  It had been a very good day!








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