Parenting With the End in Mind, part 2

I went to a meeting the other night at my son’s school.  He is in the school play, and basically, they wanted us to sign up to help.  There was some discussion about the kids getting their homework done during what is known as “hell week”, the week before the play debuts.  Some parents were worried that their child wouldn’t get their homework done.

Quite frankly, if they have homework, it is their responsibility to get it done isn’t it??   That makes it their responsibility to take the time and get it done.

I read a book to the kids called, “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch”.  I LOVE this story.  In this story, which is the real story of a man named Nathanial Bowditch.  He was the son of a poor cooper whose mother died when he was young.  He wanted to go on to school and was really hoping his father would send him off to school.  Instead, he was apprenticed to a business to be their bookkeeper.  I can’t recall the exact age, but it was somewhere between 9-12 years old.

Another of my favorite books.
Another of my favorite books.

In the midst of all his responsibilities he also taught himself math- through complicated algebra.  He had notebooks full of carefully copied math problems.  He taught himself several languages- though french was taught to him by a customer who was french.

He had a desire to learn and that desire served him well through his life.  He didn’t stop learning and went on to actually receive a degree from Harvard and is well known as the man who rewrote the book that sailors use for navigation, “The American Practical Navigator“.   The original one was known to be wrong and was too complicated for most sailors to use.  The one he wrote was done with corrections and was much simpler to use.  He was considered a New England Hero after that.

He was able to do his job, working the long hours that were common at the time, at a young age, and learn all he did??    I am constantly amazed by his story.

I think the kids doing this play will learn some valuable lessons from “hell week”.  One, very important one, if their parents will let them, is time management.  If they do have homework, they will have to figure out how best to get it all done.   It will be an excellent lesson for them.

This reminds me of something I have heard and say often- “struggles make you stronger”.  It’s true.  When we have to struggle through something, we learn.  We grow.  Sometimes we have to turn to others to help us learn but in the end, we learn some valuable lessons.

I have heard that, statistically, kids who work through college actually do better grade-wise than their non- working peers.  I would believe it to be true.  Kids who work their way through college learn how to manage their time to get their work done and tend to be more responsible with their schooling.

Which is what I am talking about here in Parenting with the End in Mind.  The importance of teaching our kids, while they are in our homes, responsibility.  Time management is a huge part of that.   I have to manage my time here at home while raising these kids.  My husband needs to manage time, in a much greater way, at his business.

What are your thoughts about time management?  What do you do to help your kids learn this concept??  I would love to hear your thoughts..





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